The Proposal: Our Engagement Story + How He Proposed!

I have known that I wanted to marry Billy two weeks into knowing him.

No seriously, I did.

How cliché does that sound? But it’s the truth! There was something about him that intrigued me, yet calmed me, all at the same time. He was different than any other guy that I had ever met or dated.

For starters, he had a sense of humor that had me cracking up (and still does to this day). When you first meet him, the first thing he’ll have you doing is wiping away tears from your eyes from belly-laughing so hard. But then 5 minutes in (after the jokes “stop” – even though they never fully do) you’ll realize how much depth there is beneath him.

He’s strong-willed, but sensitive to people’s emotions. He pushes people to their limits, but only because he wants to see them succeed. He challenges you more than you could ever know, but it’s only because he’s challenging himself 10x harder.

If there’s three words that describe him, it would be dynamic, bold, + unique.

…and our engagement was nothing short of that either.

The Back Story

In the beginning of July, we were headed down to Miami for the third time this year. Three times? I know – the first time was to visit a friend. These last two were strictly for business.

Each year, Bill identifies a few conferences that he wants to go to. These last two just so happened to be in Miami. So, we were toying around with the idea of trying to plan a vacation on one of the islands since we were already going to be down there.

I remember hearing about St. Lucia, and after doing some research we instantly fell in-love with the Piton mountains (remember that for later on in the story)

Here is Grós Piton – the larger of the two Piton mountains in St. Lucia

Everyone keeps asking me, “Did you know it was going to happen?” and I can’t even tell you how many messages I’ve received saying, “I KNEW IT!”. The truth is… yes and no. I suspected that he had the ring – we had worked together to design it with L. Priori earlier in the year. We have talked about getting married, our future and having kids since the beginning of our relationship. On our first date, Billy was talking about marriage. Not kidding… So, it was never a question of “if” we’re going to get married, it was “when”.

But (and I’m not exaggerating here), almost everyone who I talked to (friends, family, etc) told me before we left, “OMG HE’S GOING TO PROPOSE”. So much so to the point that I was nearly convinced that it wouldn’t happen then.

Before we left, Billy was very adamant about having a plan (no shocker, lol) so he quite literally planned out every single day of our trip. I’m inserting a screenshot of our Google Calendar from the trip so that you guys can see what I mean… LOL!

Saturday, July 6th

We left super early in the morning – our flight out of Philly was at 6 A.M. and we had a connection in Charlotte around 9. From there, we flew to UVF airport in St. Lucia which was just about a 4 hour flight. Once we arrived at the airport, we had to take an 80 minute taxi to where we’d be staying in Marigot Bay.

The villa’s we were staying at were only accessible by the 24 hour water taxi that shuttles you from one side of Marigot Bay, to the other.

This was our first time staying in an AirBnb – although, I’m not sure if it quite counts because it was technically a “villa” with 10 other villas and a reception desk instead of someone’s house. Still, it was a really cool and seamless experience, and I’d deff do it again!

But, Billy had planned a private Sunset Cruise from Marigot Bay (where we were staying) down the North coast of the island. I thought to myself, “Hmm, well if he’s going to propose like everyone is telling me he’s going to, then it’ll surely be tonight.” The entire plane ride down, he kept hyping the sunset cruise up – asking me if I was excited.

The sunset cruise departed with just Billy, myself and our two captains aboard. We started off around 5 p.m. and returned just after 7 p.m. – one thing about St. Lucia is that when the sun sets… it gets pitch black. It’s not like here in the States where the sky will remain somewhat light for an hour after the sun sets.

I mean surely, if he was going to propose I thought this would be the night. We had planned out our entire trip – all of the activities that we’d be doing – or so I thought 😉

But, low and behold he didn’t propose. I realized about 15 minutes in that tonight wouldn’t be the night so I just sat back and enjoyed the sunset cruise. Our two tour guides were the absolute funniest people ever. We didn’t stop laughing the entire time.

Sunday, July 7th

This was our first full day in St. Lucia – we woke up in the most beautiful Villa (I wish I had more pictures of it, I think Billy has a video of it somewhere that I can dig up). But, we had to take this little tram car up and down the mountain because the only other option were to climb up and down 180 steps, LOL! In the photo below, you can see the rails for the tram – it was seriously so cool.

Anyways, we started the morning by grabbing some coffee at one of the restaurants in Marigot Bay and renting a 2-person kayak to go explore!

The waters in Marigot Bay are super calm and really easy to kayak in. St. Lucia has two sides – the Caribbean side and the Atlantic ocean side. Most tourists stay on the Caribbean side, as there’s more to do and see! The waters also happen to be much more calm.

We ended up kayaking for about an hour and made it all of the way to a black sand beach that’s only accessible by boat. How cool?!

One thing you should know about St. Lucia is the fact that it truly looks like something out of Jurassic world, lol. There are the most insane cliffs and steep overlooks that are just covered with trees, palms and even cacti!

After kayaking back home to Marigot Bay, we ran into one of the most fun-loving locals who legitimately climbed a palm tree to grab two coconuts for us to drink. We both LOVE coconut water and get them every time we travel somewhere warm.

He taught us the difference between the green and brown coconuts, and showed us how he uses stones and knives to crack open the coconuts! This little puppy was following him around everywhere he went, and it turns out that it’s his puppy named “Rum and Coke” He liked the coconut too 😉

Afterwards, we booked a water taxi to take us to Anse Cochon – one of the best spots to snorkel in St. Lucia.

I saw some of the most BEAUTIFUL fish I had ever seen in my entire life – we even saw a school of squid! Every fish you can imagine – large, small, yellow, blue, rainbow colored, red, etc.

Afterwards, we got lunch at a little restaurant near the snorkeling area, and went back home to shower. We ended up just grabbing dinner in Marigot Bay and exploring the area.

Monday, July 8th

This is the day that I truly thought he was going to propose.

What a jam packed day – Billy was so excited to do this all day excursion called “Captain For A Day” (which I highly recommend doing, if you ever visit St. Lucia). We were able to drive our own boats with 9 other couples from Rodney Bay (the northern tip of the island) to Soufriere (the southern tip of the island). But that’s not the best part, we stopped in Marigot Bay, drove the boats all of the way to Soufriere where we docked the boats, hopped out and went straight to Sulphur Springs volcanic mud baths. From there, we visited Toratille Waterfall to wash the mud off of our faces & ate an amazing local lunch in Soufriere. But that’s not all, we ended up snorkeling again in Anse Cochon and drove by where they filmed Pirates of the Carribean.

Billy kept asking me, “is it just going to be you and me on the boat? Is there going to be a tour guide?” I thought… Ooh that sounds fishy – is he asking because he’s going to propose?

The sulphur springs mud baths were so cool – first you dip yourself in 100 degree water that is run-off from the mineral rich volcanic soil (St. Lucia is one of three places in the world with a drive-in volcano). It’s supposed to open your pores.

Then you cover each other in the rich sulphuric mud which claims to make you look 10 years younger. It definitely made my skin so soft and helped heal Billy’s bug bites.

After the Captain For A Day, we had our taxi driver drive us to Pigeon Island.

Pigeon Island is a national landmark in St. Lucia and was the spot of one of the battles in the 14-war long battle between the French & English for control of the island.

As we were hiking to the top, it started to rain and the most beautiful sunset appeared. A perfect spot for a proposal, one would think 😉 Not quite. It didn’t happen. “Hmm, okay.. No biggie”

That morning, Billy smirked at me as he said he got a last minute reservation at this resort and restaurant called, Cap Maison. It’s a beautiful secluded resort on the northern tip of the island. He said that they had a last minute cancellation, and that we could do their private dinner called “Rock Maison” where you legitimately eat dinner out on a rock.

So, in typical Bill Hauser fashion – we did it.

To say it was the most beautiful dinner (and yummiest food) would be an understatement. They send your food and wine down to you in a zip-line basket (pictured below).

I mean, I was fully convinced that a ring box would come down in the basket with our wine LOL.

Our dessert even came out on this decorated plate… Does that not scream proposal? I was fully convinced it was going to happen.

It didn’t.

Tuesday, July 9th

The proposal.

So, there I am… Four days into this vacation and nearly convinced that it wasn’t going to happen on this trip. No biggie – we were still having the time of our lives and doing so many fun, adventurous things.

But, EVERYONE, had been telling me, “he’s going to propose, he was going to propose”. So, I started drinking the koolaid myself, LOL.

This day… ahh this day. The entire trip Billy kept saying that his favorite day was going to be hiking the Pitons. This man lives for adventure and challenge especially when it comes to physical endurance.

But I was so scared, and nervous, that I wouldn’t be able to do it. A few people messaged me telling me that it was the hardest thing ever, but so worth it. Billy KEPT saying to me, “you have to make it to the top, you have to make it to the top.”

Anyways, the day of the hike we woke up a little bit late. Billy had confessed to me that the lady at the reception desk at our villa was willing to upgrade our room for the last two nights of our vacation. She said that since there weren’t any other couples (besides one – July is their slow / rainy season) staying at the resort, she could upgrade our room for free! SWEET, I thought to myself. So I packed all of our bags up and left them by the front door so that they could move them while we were gone for the day.

However, I didn’t question the entire thing but I did tell Billy that we needed to bring this little blue “burner” phone that they gave us so that we’d be able to call a taxi home. He was adamant about me not bringing it, “I’ll get wifi service and we can use my phone to call”. After about 2 minutes, I let it go and left the phone – off we went to go hike!

The only picture I have is making it to the top. But let me tell you, that was the HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE PHYSICALLY. You see those boulders I’m standing on? That’s what we climed, 2,619 ft to the top. No, this wasn’t some paved path to the top of the Gros Pitón – this was an INTENSE climb up boulders, rocky paths and wet, slippery rocks.

Half way through I wanted to give up, but I kept telling myself, “GIRLLLL, you gotta make it to the top he’s gonna propose”. I mean, I even wore an all-white outfit and everyone kept saying to me, “that’s going to be brown by the time that you’re done”. But I MADE SURE that I didn’t get any stains or dirt on it because, we’ll ya know, I was sure that this was the only other time that he’d propose.


Didn’t happen.

SO, back down the mountain I went – all 2,619 feet of it’s bouldery, slippery, muddy trail.

I think I cursed Billy out under my breath about 10 times… “You made me climb this freaking mountain for nothing” ???I thought to myself. At this point, I was fully convinced that he wasn’t going to propose during this trip.

Did I mention that going down is HARDER than going up? It takes longer, and is WAY more dangerous because you can easily slip on a rock (which I did twice). Like, I thought I twisted my ankle, threw out my back and stubbed my toe approximately 5849392 times.

Again, no biggie – I know this blog post sounds dramatic hahaha, but I truly wasn’t focusing on it that much. We were having a blast (besides that climb… well, I mean Billy enjoyed it. He even sprinted ahead of everyone and climbed up in 1 hour and 10 minutes when it’s supposed to take 2 hours to get up there).

Anyways, before we hiked he had told me, “I got last minute massages for us at Ladera for after the hike.” Ladera was one of the resorts we considered staying at when booking our trip – it’s this amazing, open-air concept hotel.

But first, we got lunch at the restaurant in the Ladera resort.

When we arrived, nothing was out of the ordinary. Hotel staff greeted us, our servers gave us great service, then someone came and got us for our couples massage.

After a 45-minute massage, I was so relaxed. I actually fell asleep during the massage, lol. In the background of the photo above, you can see the Grós Piton, the mountain that we had just climbed up.

I was in such a haze and a daze after the hike, and falling asleep during the massage that I was kind of out of it. I remember thinking to myself, “ugh, I wish we could just stay at this resort here I’m exhausted I could really just nap here for a little”.

Since we had considered staying at this hotel when booking our trip, Billy asked if we could see one of the rooms before we left. The hotel staff gladly obliged, said that she’d show us one of the Hilltop Dream Suite – a honeymoon suite.

Me being half asleep, and exhausted from the hike, I just went along with it. On our walk to the room, Billy was asking the hotel staff if they had day passes so that we could just relax by the pool. They said that they didn’t. I thought, DANG, I really wanted to just relax and not drive 80 minutes back to Marigot Bay.

Picture of us RIGHT before he proposed.

She toured us around the room, which was stunning. It was an two-story open-air concept room with a private pool, a swing bench. I mean, it seriously was a tropical oasis. My mind was blown! She said, “Next time you guys visit the island, you’ll have to stay here.” I thought, heck yes.

Then Billy asked her to take a photo of us – I mean, how could you not with that epic view. So, I gladly obliged. Then he asked to film a quick little Facebook Ad (which wasn’t out of the ordinary, since his business is a Marketing Agency and we were filming quick little ads during the entire time).

…and then this happened. If you’ve seen the video on Instagram, then you know that he surpised me in beginning of the video, telling me that this hotel room that they were showing us was actually OURS and that we’d be staying there for the next two nights.

AHHHH! How fun, I thought.

But then he started talking about the hike we just did, and how “just like we climbed that mountain”, he wanted to “climb the mountain of life with me”.

And then he got down on one knee – that’s when it hit me. I couldn’t believe my eyeballs and ears, I said YES! before he even asked me to marry him, hahaha.

EVERYONE at Ladera (the new hotel) knew what was going on – at least 15 people smiled at us as we walked in, ate lunch and got our massages. Every single one of them knew. Billy had planned it all out with the hotel staff.

Even our taxi driver knew – he was the one who drove our bags to us from our other hotel in Marigot Bay!!! We actually became very close with our Taxi Driver and he drove us to all of our different excursions. The night before, he kept saying to me, “Good things come to those who wait” because he KNEW that Billy was going to propose the night before. I thought he was just speaking St. Lucian wisdom to me, hahaha.

Billy said that he wanted to fake me out 3-4 times – and boy he did. The sunset cruise, the private dinner, the captain for a day tour, the piton mountain hike.. All of it.

I wanted to say a belated THANK YOU so much for all of the sweet, sweet messages, words and well-wishes on our engagement. It truly means the world and we’re beyond excited 🙂

Now let the planning begin!!!!


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