How To Go From Brunette To Blonde Without Killing Your Hair

I think they call it “blonde ambition” – or something like that. Today I will be sharing 3 tips on how to go from brunette to blonde without killing your hair.

Going lighter + lighter with your color can become addicting. To be honest, I never set out to go “blonde”, but over time and foil highlight after foil highlight and here we are.

For me, I think that hair is fun. I’ve been almost every color in-between brunette and blonde. A lighter brunette with blonde highlights, an even lighter blonde than this. You get the point.

This past weekend, I got my hair done, and I thought that I’d share a few tips on how I went from essentially black hair to brunette.

Tip #1: Take. Your. Time.

Can’t stress this one enough – Kardashian level blonde results in one session just aren’t realistic. Going from dark brunette to essentially platinum blonde in one sitting will seriously damage your hair (not to mention take hours and hours).

The best way to go from brunette to blonde is to find a trustworthy salon and stylist and create a plan. Ask them what they think they can achieve in one session. Depending on how dark your hair currently is, if you have dye on it at the moment, etc… They may recommend 2-3 sessions to get your hair to be the color and shade that you wish.

While this can be disappointing, it’s in your best interest in the long run! I’ve been getting highlights in my hair for six years. And, like I said earlier, I’ve been almost every shade of brunette –> blonde. I’ve had some pretty terrible hair jobs (like the one time that I let a girl color my hair and I was her first client…). But I’ve also had some pretty amazing ones.

If you live in the Philly area, I recommend going to Prive Salon in Newtown Square. I have been seeing them for almost 2-3 years now, and they do a killer job with color.

Tip #2: Take Care Of Your Hair

90% of the battle is how you treat your hair outside of the salon.

This comes down to the products you use, the number of times you wash your hair, how you often you use heat on your hair.

For me, I wash my hair roughly 2 times per week. Luckily, I have pretty coarse hair so the oils seem to disappear, LOL! However, I hardly ever blow dry my hair and only use heat about 1-2x per week, not every single day.

The less stress that you can put on your hair, the better. Anytime that you take bleach to your hair, it’s going to dry out. It’ll loose a little bit of it’s natural shine and softness. But, if you use the right products and tools, you can minimize the effects of color-treating your hair!

Here are my favorites:

Wet Brush

Seriously, this brush has made all of the difference. It easily glides through your hair so that you’re not pulling on the knots. When using this brush, I can generally get my hair brushed out in 2-3 minutes.

Olaplex No. 3

I’m sure that if you’ve ever color-treated your hair then you’ve heard of Olaplex. Essentially, it’s a product that is incorporated in the bleaching process that helps to protect the natural proteins in your hair. I took it one step further and purchased Olaplex No. 3, the at home treatment and it has completely revolutionized my hair maintenance process. I find that my hair is softer + less damaged after getting it done.

Fanola Restructuring Crystals, Mask + Leave-In Mask

Truthfully, these products have made a world of a difference in my hair. Not only do they smell amazing, but they truly leave my hair silky smooth every time that I wash it.

Tip #3: Purple Shampoo, Purple Shampoo, Purple Shampoo!

Seriously, if you aren’t using purple shampoo and you’re naturally brunette… what are you doing?!

LOL! But seriously, the biggest annoyance / upkeep with having blonde hair is preventing it from turning brassy / orange / yellow. If you have dark hair like me, it wants to pull warm tones: oranges, reds + yellows.

So, I have to take extra precautions and use a purple shampoo and conditioner to change this.

I have tried almost every purple shampoo under the sun. But nothing works as well as the Fanola No Yellow purple shampoo + conditioner. These products are PIGMENTED. Seriously, they are a deep purple and truly work within one use.

I like to use them once a week to maintain my hair.

Hopefully these tips helped anyone who is looking to take their brunette hair to blonde. As always, let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

Talk soon,



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