How I’ve Been Feeling Lately…

I’ve been feeling very un-inspired with blogging lately.

To me, it feels as though it can be one-dimensional and very repetitive. Just sharing “picture-perfect” photos that are curated to look beautiful on a website can get stale after awhile.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed a lack of blog posts recently – it’s because, truthfully, I haven’t been inspired to write or create content. It’s hard to say that because at one point in time, I was blogging every single day. Literally, every single day for months and months.

If you saw my life update blog post a few weeks ago, you know that I recently took a huge career leap and am now working full-time with Billy. We’re doing so much with our own marketing campaigns for our company, that I feel like I’m getting all of my creative flow out with what we’re doing (which is amazing). Feeling challenged and fulfilled all in the same breath with my career is an amazing feeling.

However… I’ve been very much-so enjoying Instagram stories and video content. I feel as though I’m able to share more details and it’s much more human.

I actually filmed a little “day in my life” type of video for IGTV that I will be editing and posting very soon.

To me, video has so much more power to connect than a one-sided blog where it’s really hard to interact with people.

That’s not to say that I don’t love having a blog, a little outlet on the internet to just write and create and share. BUT, I am saying that I want to get more into video in the future.

Whether that’s a YouTube channel (which truthfully makes me so excited and nervous), or more IGTV videos. I haven’t decided yet.

I’m just trying to take it one day at a time and create when I feel compelled – not out of an overwhelming feeling that I have to.

So, I’m not so sure what the purpose of this blog post is (LOL) – it’s really just my way of checking in and letting you know how I have been feeling lately.

Expect a lot more video content on IGTV (and maybe YouTube… EEK!) I’m the type of person who likes to go all-in on something. Whether that’s blogging, Instagram or anything else.

I have a lot of fun video ideas planned that I want to start creating and I’m just very excited about it! 🙂

But, if you’ve followed along with the City of Sisterly Love blog or have gotten inspiration from the outfits and stuff I share on Instagram – THANK YOU for supporting me and being patient with the lack of blog posts 🙂

I promise that the blog isn’t going anywhere, but I’m focusing on creating when I feel inspired to, not out of a feeling of HAVING to!



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