Best Brunch Spots in Philadelphia (2019)

As the weather is warming up, I thought that I would share a helpful guide on the best brunch spots in Philadelphia.

Brunch is a weekend staple in our household. It’s a time for Billy and I to reconnect, relax and enjoy a meal.

Just as an FYI, I recommend making OpenTable reservations at least one to two weeks in advance at some of these places because they can get really busy.

In this blog post, you will find some city staples in the City of Sisterly Love, as well as some hidden gems!

Most Popular Brunch Spots in Philadelphia

Let’s start off with the most popular brunch spots in Philadelphia, these are places that are constantly filled each weekend.

Parc | Rittenhouse Square

One of the most popular restaurants in Philadelphia is the iconic Parc. It’s located right on Rittenhouse Square and they offer both indoor and outdoor dining.

It looks like an old French restaurant and has the cutest little charm to it. I recommend going on a Saturday morning, and then walking around the Rittenhouse Farmers Market (which is open on specific Saturdays).

At Parc, you can get a mix of healthy and decadent options for brunch. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, there are plenty of options. If you’re more of a savory brunch go-er, there’s plenty on the menu for you as well!

Green Eggs Cafe | Washington Square

Perhaps one of the most sought-after brunch spots in Philadelphia is Green Eggs Cafe. On any given weekend morning, there are at least 30+ people waiting outside to be seated.

This is truly a brunch spot for those with a major sweet tooth. Think the most outlandish and delicious stuffed french toast, pancakes, etc.

I think that Green Eggs Cafe is an iconic brunch staple in Philadelphia that you have to at least experience once.

Quick Brunch Spots in Philadelphia

If you only have about 45 minutes to an hour to spare in-between your time exploring the city, then I would recommend these places.

Telas Market | Fairmount

Now, this is more-so a spot where you can find Fairmount dwellers, but it’s such a hidden gem that I couldn’t not share.

Telas is located right in Fairmount, a short drive away from the Art Museum. If you’re in a hurry, it is a great place to grab a quick Omelette, some coffee and maybe even a smoothie.

You order at the counter and they bring the food right to your table. On most occasions, you can be in and out of there within 30-45 minutes.

Bud & Marilyns | Washington Square

Now, be warned that this restaurant gets pretty packed on the weekends.

If you’re in a pinch and want somewhere amazing to eat, call Bud & Marilyn’s and ask them if they have any space at the chef’s counter.

They offer full-service brunch at this counter and you can be in and out of there fairly quickly.

Last time that we went, I ordered the Shakshuka and fell inlove.

Neighborhood Staple Brunch Spots in Philadelphia

There are so many places to choose from, but if you truly want to eat like a native Philadelphian, then check out these spots!

Sabrina’s Cafe | Fairmount & Italian Market

There are two locations in Philadelphia: Fairmount and right near the Italian Market.

Sabrina’s cafe has been a staple restaurant in Philadelphia for years and years. When we lived in Fairmount, we were regulars at Sabrinas almost every weekend.

The restaurants just have that “homey” and “lived in” feel. They just feel like a big warm hug and a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning.

There’s truly something for everyone on this menu, and is a great place to take kids! Between the Challah Stuffed French Toast and the Huevos Ranchero’s, you can almost find anything on this menu.

Other Great Brunch Spots in Philadelphia

I feel like this list could go on and on! But, here are a few of my other favorite brunch restaurants in the city.

Harp & Crown // The Continental Midtown // The Love // Little Spoon // Fare Restaurant // Cafe Lift

Hope that this blog post was helpful, for additional restaurants or what to do in Philadelphia, check out my SITES & BITES pages.


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