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Spring and summer are my absolute favorite seasons for fashion: the colors, the textures, the styles… everything!

To be honest, I don’t even own that many “fall and winter” clothing pieces, I usually just try to make my summer pieces work in the winter by throwing a cardigan or jacket on overtop.

But, now that spring is here I’ve been stocking my wardrobe up with so many fun dresses, rompers, jumpsuits and swimsuits! YAY!

So, today’s blog post is going to feature two different outfits that are both from SHEIN. If you haven’t seen my previous blog post that featured two other outfits from SHEIN you can check that out here.

Tortoise Knot Front Peekaboo Dress

I absolutely adore the style of this dress. The little peekaboo and tie-front are so feminine and perfect for spring.

The fabric is lightweight, true to size and came exactly as pictured on online.

PRO TIP: When shopping online on SHEIN, always scroll to the bottom to see reviews of how the item looks on other girls. This will give you a good idea about sizing.

For example, after reading the reviews for this Tie Front dress, I knew that it would fit true to size. I kept reading the reviews until I found a picture of a girl with a similar size to me and wanted to see how it fit on her.

SHEIN has the absolute most affordable clothes for spring and summer – everything is on-trend and the latest fashion. You can bet on finding something on there at a really reasonable price.

High Cut Bikini Set

One of my favorite things about SHEIN are the bikinis!

They are hands down the most adorable (and affordable) bikinis on the internet. You can quite literally find the exact bikini of your dreams on their site.

All of the bikinis that I have from them are great quality, came exactly as pictured online and all around amazing.

I am a swimwear junkie, I love bikinis and being able to find trendy ones, at an affordable price point is so important to me!

But you guys are in luck! I have a special code for you all. If you use: Q1CITYOF15 on SHEIN’s website, you’ll score 15% off of your entire order.

Which is amazing because the prices are already so affordable!


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