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Designer Dupe Bikini


An identical dupe for the super popular Revole bikini – this one is only $25 and comes in many different prints and colors. All of the reviews say to size up, but they didn’t have my “size up” in stock so I ordered my regular size and I love how it fits.

The material is great and such high quality. The seams on the top of the bathing suit bottoms are forgiving, so they don’t dig into you!

Rayban Hexagon Sunglasses Dupe


I adore these sunnies! I have a round pair from the Amazon as well and have had them for over a year. They’ve held up so well and I haven’t been the easiest on them. I throw them into my purse, in the glovebox of my care and they’re so durable!

These hexagon frames are so trendy which is why I can’t justify spending $200 on the real pair from Raybans! This dupe is only $13.

Clear Clutch


I went to brunch with my friend Jasmine this weekend and she had this exact clutch. She sent me the link to it and I immediately bought it when I got home.

It’s to die for! I love how oversized it is – also comes with a gold chain that attaches at the top to turn it into a shoulder / cross body bag. Love, love, love clear bags this season and this envelope clutch is amazing!

Turkish Linen Beach Towel


Admittedly, I bought this turkish linen beach towel because I wanted a cute beach towel for Miami that was compact enough to travel with. Turkish linen is quick absorbing / fast drying so it won’t get your bag all soggy. It’s thin enough to fit easily into a carry on or suitcase.

Someone actually messaged me and told me that they have a turkish linen beach towel too and they use it as a scarf on the airplane, and then a beach towel once they reach their destination. Genius!

iPhone Phone Tripod Mount


I mean, what took me so long to purchase one of these!? This iPhone tripod mount fits my huge iPhone XS Max (with the case on) – it opens pretty wide and then fastens and holds your iPhone tight! It can be rotated to take both landscape and portrait mode photos.

This mount works right with my current tripod, you just screw the little screw into the bottom of it and voila! This is going to come in such handy for easily shooting content on the go!

Portable Charger / Power Bank for Phones


Again, how did I live so long without this?! These things are a must for traveling – I am that person that always forgets to charge their phone. So having a portable charger is going to change the game for me!

This one had such good reviews on Amazon and comes with two USB ports so that you can charge two phones at once (or your phone and a laptop!)


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