How To Style A Blazer For Spring

When you think of the word blazer, what do you picture in your head? Is it your typical corporate, buttoned-up pant suit?

I’m here to show you how you can take your 9-5 style to the weekends! I think that this blazer outfit is the perfect ensemble to wear to brunch, or even wearing leggings.

Without the blazer, this look would be pretty simple and classic – a white bodysuit, some ripped up denims + my favorite mules. But by adding the blazer, it adds so much more depth and interest to the look!

This blazer is from Shilla The Label – it is their Social Check Blazer in white.

(P.S: I’m having such a moment with Australian fashion brands. I think that they’re so ontop of it + ahead of the trends.)

I adore the cut and fabric of this blazer. It’s so comfortable to wear but is also super feminine. The button detailing on the sides is to die for.

Wearing ripped up denim (like these Levi 501’s) serve as a counter point to the classic, dressed up style of the blazer. I get so many questions about these jeans.

I actually scored them at the Levi’s outlets over in Jersey (Gloucester Premium Outlets). They were the only pair in the store, and I got them for under $30… I mean, majorrrr win! Unfortunately, they don’t carry them in the store but if they get an online return they instantly mark them down like crazy.

SO, my advice is to call your local Levi’s outlet and ask them if they have any 501’s in the clearance rack, or from an online return!

Hope that you guys enjoyed this fun blog post on how to style a blazer for spring! I think that it’s a really easy outfit to pull together, using things that you already have in your wardrobe! 🙂

Emily Burgess


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