How To Style Paper Bag Jeans

I know what you’re thinking… “but, Emily, I could never pull off that style“. You wanna know why I know this? Because I thought that same exact thing!

When I first saw these jeans at Forever 21 I was like, WOOOOW, those are adorable! My first thought was, “I’ll never be able to pull them off, who am I kidding.” Stepping outside of my comfort zone, aka skinny jeans, was scary! With skinny jeans, the outfits and styles are endless.

But, with a trendier pair of denim like these paperbag jeans, I was a bit apprehensive!

Styling Tip #1: Tuck Your Top In

When you’re wearing a flowier, less form-fitting piece like these paper bag jeans, you’ll want to give yourself some shape!

I love tucking in the front of my tops and sweaters because I think that it adds more interest and makes things look more “put together”. The height and turtleneck of this particular sweater gives the outfit length. It helps lengthen your body!

Styling Tip #2: Give Yourself Some Height

Flowy pants are  so tricky to pair shoes with – if you wear closed toed shoes you end up looking stumpy. If you wear sandals, your feet end up lost in a sea of fabric.

I love wearing heels for height whenever I’m wearing looser fitting pants! I’m 5’5, so not necessarily “short” but just about average height! These heeled clogs are amazing – they’re the perfect combination of open toed yet they provide a lot of coverage because the band on the top of them is so thick!

I hope that you guys try out these jeans – I absolutely love them and am going to be getting  so much use out of them this spring season!

Talk soon!




  1. February 12, 2019 / 12:50 pm

    BABE! I am in love with this look!!! 100% purchasing ALL OF THESE PIECES. You are a style GODESS!!

    • Emily Burgess
      February 27, 2019 / 3:56 pm

      OMG! so glad you love them babe ??


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