10X Growth Con | Miami

Hi from Miami! If you’ve noticed that I’ve been a little MIA from the blog, it’s because we’ve escaped the “Polar Vortex” as I hear their calling it, and have been in Miami for the past week.

This trip was part vacation, part work – while we’ve been enjoying the warm weather and I’m most certainly happy that we got out of Philly just before the cold front hit, there are other reasons that we came down to Miami.

We spent today at a huge personal development conference called 10X Growth Con – a place for entrepreneurs, business owners and those looking to grow their: business, wealth or life. I won’t go into all of the details but today was freakin’ amazing. There are over 70,000 people at this event. Grant Cardone, the mastermind and organizer behind this event said that he spent $10M putting it on.

For those of you that know, Billy and I are personal development junkies. We traveled to Phoenix twice last year to attend another personal development conference and Billy traveled to Chicago last July to watch Tony Robbins speak. We saw Tony and Gary Vee speak in Philly – you get the point, we’re really into self development, improvement and business mindset.

Today we learned from some of the biggest names in the game. Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, Jesse Itzler, Sarah Blakely, Steve Harvey. I wanted to summarize some of the key takeaways that I learned today – we gained such valuable information that I feel compelled to share.

Sarah Blakely

Does her name sound familiar? Well it may be because she’s the founder of Spanx and the youngest female self-made BILLIONAIRE in history. Yes, you read that correctly. Sarah has taken her shapewear company to the B’s… She has created a billion dollar company that solves a problem ALL women face: panty lines and the desire to have more “shape”.

Here’s what I learned from Sarah.

She said, “Where does your mind wander? The little voice in your head will tell you everything that you need to know.”

Sarah also said that you need to take time to think. We all have a place in life where we get our best ideas. Maybe yours is the shower, or in nature… For Sarah? It’s driving in the car. She said that she comes up with new product lines and ideas for Spanx while driving in the car. Her office is only 6 minutes away from her house but she spends an hour each morning driving around Atlanta, coming up with her next big idea.

Steve Harvey

Believe it or not, Steve Harvey had the biggest impact on me. I got emotional during his speech and started tearing up. He said, “When God blesses you to get a house on the hill, you have to show other people how to get on the hill.” What he’s saying is that he’s achieved massive success and wealth in his life – he is the highest paid TV Host and one of the busiest people in Hollywood.

But it didn’t start that way. He came from nothing, as a child his dad earned $5.00 a day to support his family of five children. His mother, a Sunday School teacher earned very little. During his younger years, he was homeless for three years, living out of his car. Essentially, he was directionless but had FAITH that there was a bigger plan for his life.

He told a story of when his awakening and calling happened. It was October 8th, 1985, he was sitting at a comedy club watching acts. One of the acts didn’t show up, so the announcer pulled from the acts for the next week. Low and behold, Harvey’s name was called – he wasn’t prepared and didn’t have any jokes or skits written. He winged the entire thing without any prior stand-up experience. At the end of the night, the announcer pulled all of the comics on the stage to announce the winner. And guess what? Harvey won $50. He said that he got into his car that night and started bawling his eyes out. After all of the years of asking God to give him a sign or a signal, he finally got it. He said that he went into work the very next day and quit his job, and every single day since then he’s made it his mission to execute his gift.

His biggest message is that you need to find your gift – what is the thing that comes NATURAL to you? Double down, EXECUTE and the money will come. Don’t try to fit yourself into who you think society should be or what your parents or friends think you should do. Do the things that are your GIFT.

I want to continue to share all that I learn with you all – so let me know if you found this post helpful! 🙂

Talk soon,



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