How I Utilize Google Calendar For Work and Life

Where are my fellow OCD, Type-A ladies at? Okay maybe you’re not as crazy as I am, but this post is honestly for anyone who just wants to freakin’ adult and get their ish together!

Today, we’re going to be talking alllll about Google Calendar – I’m going to be sharing a few helpful tips and strategies to organize your calendar and organize your life ;). I love systems, routines, structure, clarity and having things organized. I’m someone who very much needs to have a clear plan outlined in order to feel calm (I’m an ENFJ, and a strong J for anyone who’s into the Myers Briggs types).

A few days ago over on Instagram, I shared a quick little tutorial on how I schedule my days. One of my goals for 2019 is to become a “master scheduler” – I really wanted to learn how to utilize Google Calendar to the best of my ability. I’ve always been someone who loves planners and writing things down, but there’s something about the ease of access that Google Calendar / a calendar on your phone provides.

So, without further adieu… Let me share my very best Google Calendar tips with y’all!

Tip #1: Set Up Recurring Events

So, let’s start here. I jumped to next week to show you what the non-negotiables are for me.

In my calendar, I’ve built out recurring events in my calendar. Things like grocery shopping, meal prepping, cooking dinner, working out, reading. I’ve built block times into my calendar that give me time that’s carved out each night so that I can focus on my passion project (this blog).

When you create a new event, you have the option to select one of the numerous pre-programmed recurring events. For example, one of the options is “recurs every weekday Monday through Friday” – I selected this option for things such as working out, reading and meditating.

Tip #2: Create New Calendars

One thing that I learned when researching best practices for Google Calendar is that you can create multiple calendars within your master calendar. For example, if you look on the left hand side of my screen, you’ll see the numerous calendars that I’ve built.

When you set up your Google Calendar there will be three preloaded onto there, your name calendar (mines Emily Burgess in blue), Birthdays and Tasks. All of the other calendars such as “City of Sisterly Love” and “Meal Prep” I’ve built. When you have the calendars selected (the check mark) they appear on your calendar. When you deselect them, they’ll disappear. This is helpful if you want to quickly check when your flights are, and you know that you’ve built them underneath your Travel calendar. You can quickly deselect every calendar besides “Travel” and see when your flight is!

Tip #3: Color Code

On the very right hand side of your screen, you’ll see a little yellow icon with a lightbulb in it. Click that icon and you’ll open a “Notes” app – this is very similar to the Notes app on the iPhone. It’s a place to keep and jot down to-do lists or reminders.

What I did was I created a color coding key – I wrote down all of the colors that Google allows you to use and customize your calendar with and assigned each of them a name. For example, the bright pink color is called “Cherry Blossom” – anything related to this blog, the City of Sisterly Love, is color coded with that color.

Being able to visually see what you have going on for the day is SO useful! Creating a key or a legend helps you reference what each color means! Obviously this will become like second nature with use and time, but is helpful in the beginning!

Tip #4: Plan Your Days In The Mornings

Here’s what a typical day of work will look like for me – as you can see, it’s a combination of the recurring events (working out, cooking dinner, etc) and the actual work that I’ll be doing throughout the day.

In the mornings, I like to plan and carve out time so that I know what my day ahead is going to look like. For me, a lot of my daily duties and tasks vary – no two days looking completely the same. So, I like to take some time in the morning and “chart my course” so-to-speak.

Tip #5: Utilize Details In Events

Lets take my “Blog Block Time” event for example – I’ve listed out all of the things that I could possibly do during this block time. Of course, each day is going to look a little bit different based on the things that I have to get done. But, by keeping a list within the event, I’m easily able to reference it!

This really helps me keep information all in one place – if there’s a specific day that I know a blog post needs to go up, I will rename the title of this even to fit accordingly.

For my “Cook Dinner” event, I include a direct link to the recipe – that way I can easily access the recipe and I know exactly what to do. This eliminates so much time, aimlessly searching for a recipe! When the clock strikes 6:00 PM, I know exactly what to do!

I hope that these tips helped you in some way! As always, if you have any questions or need any additional pointers, don’t hesitate to shout!

Talk soon!



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