Everyday Jewelry Staples

Your girl loves accessories, alright?

Jewelry, shoes, bags, scarfs, hats… more jewelry. LOL, you get the point! I just think that jewelry adds so much more visual interest to any outfit. A few layered jewelry items are the cherry on-top when it comes to style!

Today I’ll be sharing four pieces of jewelry that are my everyday staples – items that I truly wear every single day, without fail! If you take notice, you’ll see that I’m not fully committed to gold OR silver – I love to mix metals. I just think that it’s so gorgeous and flattering. These staples can be worn with literally any outfit regardless of whether it pairs better with gold or silver.

Michael Kors Parker Watch

The Parker Watch from Michael Kors is a staple – it’s truly something that I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of. My mom got me this for Christmas back in high school, or college? And I’ve had it (and worn it) almost every day since.

The sparkling pave stones that outline the face of the watch add so much shine and glitz to the watch, without overpowering it! I think that this watch beautifully mixes both silver AND gold – neither metal overpowering the other.

I found this watch for just over $100 which is more than HALF off what I remember this watch costing. What a steal for a timeless piece that you’ll have for years on end, just like me!

Michael Kors Buckle Bracelet

This piece is over four years old and no longer sold on the website, but I did find some amazing dupe pieces on Amazon for less than $20 each.

I love jewelry pieces that compliment your watch – things that don’t take away from the beauty of it but actually add to it. This buckle bracelet does that for me! It’s so simple, dainty and not one of those annoying bangles that slide all over your wrist. I pair these two together, and the watch helps to keep the buckle bracelet in place!

Lovoda Maioki Bracelet | $12

You guys have heard me talk about Lovoda before – they make the most beautiful and affordable jewelry that I’ve come across.

The bracelet pictured here is their Maioki Bracelet – I’m obsessed with out shiny and bright it is! The gold metal is instantly brightened by the icy / silver gemstones! I love it so much.

As always, if you guys have any questions about any of the pieces that I’ve mentioned, feel free to shout! My DMs are always open 🙂

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