Decorating With Plants

Because, who doesn’t love plants.

Today I wanted to share some decor inspo and a few photos from our apartment. I got two new plants yesterday and these are officially the biggest plants that I own!

The two plants that I got were a snake plant (seen above) and a fiddle leaf fig tree. The fiddle is a plant that I’ve been eyeing over for forever. But they can be so pricey and I also was nervous to get one because I know how fragile they are. Most people experience their fiddle leaf’s dying on them because they’re pretty temperamental!

But, while at Home Depot yesterday I saw that they had fiddle leafs on sale for $19 and I had to get one! I screeched to the girl at the check out, “OMG YAY! It’s on sale!” and she said, “…that’s on sale to you?!” HAHAHA – I guess when you’re a crazy plant lady you’ll spend $20 bucks on a plant.

I wanted to just share a few photos for how I am incorporating these plants into our new apartment – I fee like they’ve brought the space to life even more!

Underneath of our console table, I had these two wicker bins from Target – I knew that they would be the perfect bins to put my two plants in! I plan on purchasing two different bins for underneath the console table later on.

I had my eye on a LARGE snake plant (above) because they’re not only beautiful, but they’re so hardy! These plants can tolerate low light, so our office or bathroom are the perfect spot for them. So, if you’re apartment or house doesn’t get much bright light, these are the perfect solution for you!

The fiddle leaf fig on the other hand is super picky, I’m going to have to experiment a little bit and see where it does best. I currently have it in our hallway right infront of a bright window. This isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing place to have it, but I think it’ll get the best natural light here.

So, next time that you want to spruce up your home or apartment – try bringing some plants into your space!

Talk soon!



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