Mixing High and Low

Hello, hello!

The other day on my Instagram post, I talked about mixing high end pieces with affordable items. You guys resonated with that message, so I figured that I’d go a little bit more in-depth with it.

I’ve been a bargain hunter all my life – I’m always searching for the best deal or scanning for a coupon code. I love to shop at Nordstrom Rack and the Bloomingdales Outlet here in Philly. Finding designer items for a fraction of the price has always been a secret guilty pleasure for me.

The reason being, I have an appreciation for designer items but an equal (and maybe even bigger love) for affordable and trendy items!

In my Instagram post, I said that a good rule of thumb is 75/25. I like to keep the majority of my closet affordable, trendy and inexpensive! My favorite stores are Forever 21, Missguided, HM, Primark, etc.

But I also believe in spending a little on yourself, splurging for staple and timeless items like a designer handbag or a really nice pair of shoes or a great pair of jeans. I think if you accessorize with your favorite designer items there’s absolutely no need to spend tons of money on your clothes.

The fact of the matter is, clothes get washed and worn time and time again. Whether it’s the most expensive item ever or an affordable piece, it’s going to show its wear overtime.

So, maybe just keep that little tip in mind! Keep your wardrobe 75/25, mostly affordable, trendy and practical while mixing in a few nice pieces that you’ve wanted for forever!

Hope that this helped!

Talk soon,



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