Life Lately + A Little Encouragement

Hey there friends! I’m going to be opening up a little bit in today’s post and sharing a few thoughts on life, lately! I want this post to serve as a little encouragement for anyone out there who may need to hear these words (I know that I sure do – writing is therapeutic for me).

There are already so many (pretty big) changes that have happened for me in 2019 (I know, eyeroll, how cliche does that sound?) But, I’m so excited about what’s to come. It can be really scary when you take a leap of faith – whether that be changing careers, moving across the country or even striking up a hobby that you’ve always wanted to start.

I think the real lesson here is to never let your fear shout louder than your courage.

When you look back on all of the decisions that you didn’t make, you can clearly trace the excuses or “outs” you gave yourself not to do something. Whether it’s the fact that you don’t believe you have enough time to start or you aren’t skilled in a specific area which hinders you from beginning.

All of these excuses are really just fear speaking.

What helped me in where I’m currently at is to ask this question to myself:

What is the absolute, worst case scenario?

After mapping out the answers to that question, I sort of chuckled. “That’s it?”, “That’s the worst thing that could happen if all else fails?”. After all of that fear talk and playing small I realized, what is there to truly be scared of?

So, I’m writing this post to encourage any one out there who is currently going through a change in their life – whether it be large or small – to hold tight.

Trust yourself and remember that only you know what’s best for you. Don’t let outside noise, whether it’s coming from your ego or “society” get in the way!

Learn to let go of situations or scenarios that no longer serve the life you are trying to let go. Embrace change and what’s to come with open arms!


Always here for you all!


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