Tulum Travel Guide (part one of three)

TULUM! My favorite place that I’ve ever traveled – today I’m going to be sharing part one of three in my Tulum Travel Guide series I feel like I have so much that I want to talk about so let’s just jump right into it.

Three parts is honestly so excessive, but I don’t want to overwhelm you guys with information! SO, I’m going to break it up and make it easy for you guys to venture back to these posts when you’re planning your trip to Tulum!

In this post, you’ll find a background on Tulum – why it’s the latest hot spot as well as answers to three unique questions that you guys left on my latest Instagram.

What’s All Of The Hype About Tulum?

So, what exactly is all of the hype about Tulum!? Why is everyone flocking to this town in Mexico (and why won’t I stop talking about it, LOL). The way I’d describe Tulum is a mini Bali – while I’ve never been to Bali it seems to really replicate the jungalow style that I’ve seen all across Instagram!

Tulum is an ecofriendly town just two hours south of Cancun. It’s a relatively small beach town with just one main strip that runs parallel to the ocean front. On each sides of the road are tons and tons of tiny boutiques, restaurants and boutique hotels and resorts. There are hardly any “big name” resorts in Tulum and if you ever travel there you’ll understand why. There’s also a small strip of restaurants “in the city” aka a few blocks of authentic Mexican restaurants and shops.

Everything in the city of Tulum is eco-friendly – one of the hotels that we stayed at didn’t have electricity from 6PM when the sun set and shut off around 8AM when the sun rose. This was because the solar panels had to have a break to recharge throughout the day. You aren’t allowed to dispose of toilet paper into the toilets because they want to preserve the water – most time’s it’s fresh groundwater collected from the countless cenotes (fresh water preserves).

When you think of Tulum – think of the most bohemian, hippie-dippie town that you’ve ever been to. The fashion is incredible, everyone is dressed in long, flowy dresses with straw bags and wide brim hats. There are tons of European tourists there – American tourists are definitely the minority unlike Cancun and some of the other destinations in Mexico.

To say the least, Tulum is unlike any other vacation you’ve ever been on. Prepare yourself for the most beautiful, immersive experience in nature to date.

Things To Know About Tulum (Your Questions Answered!)

*There were also a lot of questions about food, but I will cover that later on in part two of this travel guide.

“How much Spanish did you need to know?” – @lueandriley

Such a good question! Most of the resorts and hotels have staff that are fluent, or at least semi-fluent in English. Luckily, Billy is pretty good at Spanish so he was able to converse with the workers in Tulum. I feel like this helped save us from getting ripped off on certain things such as prices at restaurants or taxis. By the way, the taxi drivers understand VERY LITTLE English, so Google Translate will be your best friend for getting around!

Just like any time traveling abroad, try your best to at least learn or make attempts to speak in the native language – a little goes a long way 🙂 It opens them up and makes them happy that you’re at least attempting to try to speak their language.

“What was your budget for the trip and how much did you end up spending?” – @elle__tea

Well, since this was pretty last minute we didn’t really have a budget planned or mapped out. We weighed out the different flights that were available and the very few hotels available (we stayed for six days, five nights). We ended up only spending around $175 per night on hotels which is extremely affordable. However, if we were to do it again and have more time to plan we would have stayed in a beach front resort (although not necessary in Tulum because everything is so close).

Anyways, we ended up spending the most money on food because, well, Billy and I travel on our stomachs. LOL – one too many spicy cucumber margaritas ya know.

The first three nights we ate at very nice restaurants where our bill ended up being over $200+ each time with drinks and tip included. All in, we spent around $5K on our trip INCLUDING last minute flights and hotels during the MOST EXPENSIVE / BUSIEST time of the year. We could have definitely saved money on food (not eating at crazy expensive places) and our flights (if we booked in advanced). To be honest, if done right… I think you could plan a trip to Tulum in under $3.5K for two people for a solid five night vacation. Five nights is truly all you need in Tulum.

“How clear were the waters?” – @earthcoco_

CRYSTAL CLEAR! The waves right on the beachfront are beautiful light blue and turquoise – on our boat trip to see the dolphins the ocean was the brightest shade of aquamarine I’ve ever seen in my life!

However, Tulum is facing a problem with seaweed – within the last few years, their beaches have been taken over by seaweed. Each morning, workers from the resorts are seen hauling off barrels of the seaweed. This isn’t normal for Tulum and at first, the locals didn’t know what to do with it. They say that it’s due to global warming. Anyways, one of our tour guides told me that a University in Mexico discovered that when they burn the seaweed, it emits butane (the chemical in lighter fluid), so they’re going to start renewing and reusing seaweed in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. How Tulum of them ;).

The skys are so clear there, at night you can see the stars SO CLEARLY. It’s no wonder that the Mayan’s were such pioneers in Astrology.

Stay tuned for part two of three in this travel guide – I will cover what to: do, eat and see as well as where we stayed! In part three, I’ll share all of the details from the outfits that I wore while we were there!

All the best!



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