2018 Reflection

This post was originally supposed to go live on NYE but, you know… We unexpectedly went to Tulum so I took a few days off from blogging!

As I look back on this past year, I can confidently say that 2018 has been a year of growth and change – it’s been my favorite year to date. It goes without saying that reflecting on the past year is so beneficial, the good and the bad. It can serve as a guide post to keep you going and a reminder to see how far you’ve come. It can also serve as a reality check when you realize the areas in which you may have fallen flat.

2018 Goals Achieved:

  • First full year working full time in my career at an advertising agency
  • First full year of blogging with the City of Sisterly Love
  • Billy and I moved into our second apartment together – a space that truly feels like home to us
  • Drove 20K+ page views in my first year of blogging
  • Monetized the City of Sisterly Love within the first year of blogging
  • Collaborated with some amazing companies including: The Body Shop, Charlotte Russe, Rittenhouse Dentists, Lovoda, h. honeycup and many more.
  • Met so many new friends through blogging both online and here in Philly
  • Attended countless events and pushed myself out side of my comfort zone to network and meet new people
  • I improved my cooking skills and learned 15+ new recipes
  • Traveled to four new places (California, Phoenix, Puerto Rico, Tulum)

2018 Goals Not Yet Achieved:

  • Did not reach my goal of 10K followers by the end of the year.
  • My health and working out wasn’t taken as seriously – there were many weeks in a row that I went without working out.
  • Outreaches for collaborations was severely put onto the back burner and fell to the last thing on my list of “to-do’s”

I think that it’s so healthy to share your wins and losses – it’s not braggadocious to talk about things that you’re happy that you’ve accomplished. It’s also not weak to talk about goals that you didn’t hit that you set out to hit in the past year.

But what does all of this ladder up to?! What is the purpose that’s driving the next steps and what are your intentions behind these goals? These are all things that I’m constantly asking myself – what does all of this mean and how is it going to get me to the next level?

That story is going to look very different for us all.

So, as we close out this year I encourage you all to take time and reflect on what these past 365 days have brought you. Has it brought you closer to your purpose? Or have you drifted away from it. Neither answer is right, they’re both just chapters in this every evolving book called life.

I wish you all nothing but health, happiness and love for the new year.



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