Sequin Jumpsuit Two Ways

Well, hello there my friends!

Very long time, no talk – and by long time I mean a few days which feels like a century for me. We’re finally settled into our new apartment and absolutely loving it. 

I have quite literally spent the past few days going crazy, organizing every thing. The day that we moved in, I had 70% of the boxes unpacked and put away. I am totally that saying of “messy space, messy head”. Having an apartment that’s cluttered, unorganized makes me feel so overwhelmed.

If I’m being completely honest, I haven’t really felt like myself for the past couple of days. I think it’s because I’m still adjusting / taking a deep breath from the move. I forgot how stressful it can truly be!

Anyways, I wanted to hop and share this fun New Years Eve outfit with you guys! This jumpsuit is from Charlotte Russe – in college, I used to swear by CR. I would get all of my going out outfits from there because everything was so C U T E.

How fun is this sequin jumpsuit?! I’m a HUGE sequin lover (and sparkle lover) . The more shine, the better! This is the perfect style for New Years Eve because it’s fun and festive while also being functional because it has long pants! The winters here on the east coast are BRUTAL.

But, I paired this jumpsuit with a grey sweater overtop – my friend Deepika gave me the idea! Isn’t it so cute?! I pan on doing this little trick with so many more of my jumpsuits!

I also adore these gemstone heels, I’ve been wearing them ALL THE TIME. Seriously, they’re the perfect going out or date night shoes! I love them so so much because they add so much glamour to your outfit!

I hope that you’ve all had an amazing past couple of days! Can’t wait to show you our new apartment, I think I’ll do posts room-by-room!?

Anyways, happy holidays!

Talk soon,



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