Life Update | MOVING!

HELLO – a few days, no talk! 

Wanted to pop on really quick to share a life update, also wanted to say THANK YOU! To everyone who’s reached out and wished us well wishes for our big move. I just got back from HomeGoods – I picked up some last minute things like hangers and rug pads (super exciting, I know LOL). 

I’ve spent the past two days packing up all of our belonging into what feels like 100 different boxes! 

Pro Tip: Stop by your local liquor store and ask them for the left over boxes. The inserts that they use to store wine upright make the PERFECT boxes for your cups / toiletries! 

Anyways, I wanted to jump on and say THANK YOU for all of your sweet words for Billy + I in our move. Even though we’re just going five minutes down the street and one zip code away, it’s a really exciting new chapter for us! 

I also wanted to share this fun outfit and bodysuit from Forever 21 with you all! I showed it the other day in my Forever 21 try on haul but wanted to show you how I styled it!

Do you guys like when I link products on the Like To Know It app?! I hardly EVER use it because I honestly think that it’s too many steps to get to the actual product and find it easier to just link it on the blog?!

You let me know! 

This jumpsuit has the prettiest little shimmer / sheen to it and is currently 30% off – the jeans that I’m wearing from American Eagle are currently 40% off!

Stock up on these last minute holiday sales while you can, this is the best time to buy those closet staples like jeans! 

Hope that you’re all having an amazing Wednesday! 

Talk to you in the new apartment tomorrow! 🙂



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