How To Prepare For A Move

MOVING – it’s so exciting. For most, it signals new beginnings, fresh starts and an opportunity to “re-do” your decor style or change things up a bit.

Billy and I will be moving into our new apartment this Wednesday (eek). While I’m so excited, I’m also so overwhelmed. For the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to get things in order – buying new furniture, repurposing old favorites, scheduling the movers, etc. 

I wanted to start off this little “moving series” if you will with a few tips on how to prepare for a move! If you’ve got a move coming up, whether it be down the road like us or across the country – I hope that these tips will help you mentally prepare yourself!

Moving Tip #1: Out With The Old

One of my guilty pleasures is “using up” products. Is that weird? I know that it’s probably so weird. But I get so much satisfaction in using up products and throwing them away. For some weird reason, it gives me peace of mind.

My very first tip is to start using up your products. Whether they’re shampoos, cleaning supplies or even a roll of paper towels. Use up your products so that you have less to move (I’m dead serious here, haha).

Recently, I finished one of my face washes and body washes in the shower. I was able to throw the products out, that way… When we get to our new apartment I’ll have fresh products to use. Plus, the ones that I had in our current shower had gross soap scum on them (so yucky).

This tip can also be applied to the products / makeup / haircare items that you’ve had in your medicine cabinet for forever. I like to go through my products, see what’s expired, untouched or unused and either donate them, give them to a friend or toss them. Recently, I purged a ton of nail polish that I haven’t touched since high school. It had separated and gotten all funky. It felt so good to parse down and keep only the things that I use and love! 

Moving Tip #2: Repurpose Items

You know those items that you’ve had in your storage closet that have gone untouched for quite some time. Pull them out and rethink them. 

For example, I got new throw pillows for our bedroom – I had stored our old throw pillows in one of our hall closets. I pulled them out and thought to myself, “I don’t want to have to throw these out but I just don’t love the patterns anymore”.

Then a lightbulb went off in my head – these were only pillow covers! I could easily take off the older, tattered covers and replace them with new ones. I did a quick Amazon search and found shaggy fur pillow covers – a style that I’d been eyeing for quite some time. 

I also had a plain black $7.00 side table from IKEA that we bought earlier this year and had been using as a nightstand. When I purchased our new night stands, I stored it in our hall closet (aka the closet where all of the random shizz we have laying around goes.)

I put it at the end of our couch and have been using it as a side table out in the living room ever since! Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean that you need to rush out and purchase all new items.

Moving Tip #3: Photoshop Inspo Together

This truly helped me not go overboard / crazy and only purchase the things that we need. When you’ve got four months to prepare, it can be overwhelming because you’re not “in the space” and can’t look around and see how things may look / appear.

I’m a verrrrry visual person, so it was really challenging / overwhelming for me to make decisions without seeing how they may look together. I decided the only way to solve this issue was to take matters into my own hands and start Photoshopping things together. Now, I’m not Photoshop pro, but I can work my way around the program. I also signed up for Skillshare and if I got stuck, I YouTube-d my way out of it.

While I know that not everyone has Photoshop, you could even sketch out your ideas to see how they may look together! 

I hope that these tips helped – I can’t wait to take you all along this moving journey with us! 

Talk tomorrow,



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