The Cool Plant Mom – Why I Started An Instagram Account For My Plants

The title truly says it all, doesn’t it?! HAHA! 

Yep, you read that right… I’ve officially gone off of my rocker and created an Instagram account for my plants! LOL, before you think that I’m totally bat shizzzz crazy, let me explain.

I get it, not everyone shares my (obsessive) love for plants – it’s honestly sort of weird that I have over 50 plants but, you know… Just millennial things.

Anyways, I started my plantstagram, @thecoolplantmom, as a way to share some photos of my plants, share tips / tricks with you all and to find some plant lovin’ friends!

It’s honestly a “just for fun” account (for now) and made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t lose track / momentum with everything that I’m doing with my personal account!

But, it’s been so fun to get nerdyyyyy about plants, because HEY! We all need a lil green in our lives!

I’m not sure how often I’m going to be updating it – most likely not every single day like the blog or my personal Instagram account. But, I will be putting up 1–3 posts per week (maybe more, we’ll see)!!

@thecoolplantmom is just a fun account for us to come together and share our love of plants!! Look out for tips, tricks and plant hacks to make your little plant families the happiest they can be!

So, hopefully you join me on this fun plant lovin’ journey! If you want to check out the Instagram, you can find it here

Talk tomorrow,



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