Nicol Floral Showroom | What I Wore

Happy (almost) Friday guys – I am so excited for tomorrow because that means that I’ll be off work until January 2nd for winter break. Who said teachers were the only ones with winter breaks.

Last night I went to the Nicol Floral Showroom in Paoli – it was incredible. There were walls and walls of beautiful silk flowers that made up these breathtaking floral displays. They had one in essentially every color (even a succulent wall, I died).

The purpose of the walls are to be rented out for special occasions such as weddings, gender reveals, birthday parties, holiday parties, etc. 

I mean, do we just die at their beauty?! At first glance, you’d think that these flowers were real, but they’re made out of silk. This is perfect because it means that their beauty never diminishes. They aren’t like real flowers where you have to make sure they stay watered / out of the sun.

I wore a velvet jumpsuit to the event – it was so cozy yet so cute!

I’ve had it for over a year, so it’s not on Forever 21’s website anymore but I’ve linked two very similar jumpsuits – one of them is satin while the other is velvet!

These sparkly shoes from Charlotte Russe are my absolute favorite shoes to wear as of late. They’re just so fun – I’ve never seen anything like ’em before!

Hope that you enjoyed this sweet, short post – keep sending me blog post ideas. I’ve been writing them down. I plan on getting so much work done over this little Holiday break that I have.

Talk tomorrow,



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