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Well, hello there! I have a feeling that you guys are going to love this blog post.

If you can tell by the title, today I’m going to be doing a blog version of a “what’s in my bag” post as well as a mini-review of my latest investment purchase, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM (eek). I’ll do a full, in-depth review on the bag once I have a little bit more time with it (I just purchased it on Saturday).

Really quick – I have to admit, I’m obsessed with watching “what’s in my bag” videos on YouTube, it was totally my inspiration for this post.

This bag is one that I’ve been eyeing and drooling over since literally middle school – what’s even crazier is that I wrote it down in January as something that I wanted to purchase in 2018 (I literally just remembered that as I typed it). Not for any materialistic reasons, but more-so as a reward to myself and a reminder / push to continue to work hard throughout the year.

I am very, very new to the luxury goods world – you all know that I swearrrr by affordable fashion. While I’m aware that this bag is pricey, it’s an investment. Louis Vuitton and other luxury designers hold their value. If a year from now, I decide that I no longer want it, I could easily re-sell it on Poshmark, Depop or Ebay and make my money back!

However, I have no intentions of doing so because I’m literally obsessed. My reasoning for this bag was to use it every, single, day – and I have done that since the day that I bought it. I’ve used it for work, brought it to the blogger potluck to carry my camera, used it to run errands. It’s truly a multi-purpose bag.

I knew that my first luxury handbag needed to be functional – no way was this going to sit in my closet and just collect dust. If I was going to shell out the money for it, you better bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to be getting my use out of it.

Sidenote: I can do a blog post and review of some of my other LV items such as the key pouch and wallet, you guys let me know if you’d like to see that!

Before pulling the trigger on this bag, I did so much research you guys – I read blog posts, watched countless YouTube videos to gauge people’s overall satisfaction with the Neverfull. It’s such a cult favorite and multipurpose bag that I knew I couldn’t go wrong. I had my eye on the Rose Ballerine color (that beautiful light pink interior) but they didn’t have it in the monogram print. The white checkers (Damier Azur) print is to die for and I couldn’t decide if I wanted that or the regular monogram print.

Eventually, I landed on the regular monogram print because I felt as though the Damier Azur (white checkers) would get so dirty since I’m going to be using this as an everyday bag and carrying my laptop and other items to work each day as well as taking it as my carry-on for flights.

My first impression of the bag is that it’s extremely high quality (no shocker there, but this is my first luxury handbag so I didn’t know what to expect) – the straps and handles are going to get darker (called petinaing) over time and I’m totally okay with that.

What really sold me on the Neverfull is the fact that it comes with the little Pochette – a clutch that has a strap that you can take on or off. I felt that I was really getting the most out of the price point of this bag since it comes with another item. I used the clutch as a night time bag when Billy and I went to one of his client’s holiday parties on Saturday – it’s so spacious that you can fit your keys, phone, cash and cards in it.

Did you know that the Neverfull can hold up to 100 lbs? I was shocked when the lady at the store told me that – this thing truly does hold it all!

As you can see, I use a bag organizer in the bottom of my Neverfull both for organizational purposes as well as a tool to preserve the bag. Since the Neverfull is literally an open bag with only one small, zipper pocket, the handles and sides of the bag can cave in on each other easily. I intend on preserving this bag to the best of my ability so that I can use it for years on end! The bag organizer is a life saver to keep your Neverfull looking structured and not bottoming out or caving in on each other.

ALSO, the bag organizer is perfect if you’re clumsy like me and spill EVERYTHING. I can just picture it now, I’m going to put my water bottle into my bag and it’s going to explode everywhere. Luckily, it’ll just be on the bag organizer and not the inside canvas.

Everyday, I carry my wallet, keys and vaseline. Those are three musts – if it’s a work day, my work laptop goes right in the middle compartment of my bag. (Side note, if you have a 13 inch Macbook Pro like I do, it will fit perfectly don’t worry! I was so nervous that it wouldn’t and was considering the GM because of it.) I like to keep my keys and wallet in seperate little slots of the bag organizer so that they don’t scratch the outside leather (I’m crazy, I know).

I also keep my Apple Airpods in my bag at all times – these are so essential for the office when I really need to tune everything out and get work done. Having an extra scrunchie on hand is also a must because you never know when you or a friend are going to need it!

Having an extra perfume like a rollerball is perfect for those on-the-go moments when you forget perfume as you’re rushing out the door in the morning (that always happens to me!) I have a little Euphoria rollerball – I love more masculine scents!

Look – I know that this is an investment piece and you may feel guilty about spending that much money on a handbag (I honestly did). BUT, this is something that I’m literally going to be using every single day of my life. I’ve had other bags fall apart because they couldn’t hold the weight of everything I was stuffing in it. If you’re going to be using this as a work bag, like I am, then I highly suggest that you get it. It’s so functional and can truly fit everything!

If you have any other questions or would like me to do a more in-depth review, let me know!

Tonight I’m going to a fun event at a floral design company – stay tuned to Instagram I’m gonna take you guys along with the fun! 

Talk tomorrow!



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