Blogger Potluck: Pasta Salad Recipe


Missed you – this past week has been CRAZY BUSY. Besides prepping for our move in a week and a half, I’ve been running around like nutso person. This is the first time that I’ve sat down in–front of my computer in days (wow).

Anyways, this afternoon was spent at a blogger potluck with a few of my fave city and suburb gals! I ended up bringing a pasta salad because we all know that my cooking skills are still mediocre at best (but I have gotten better).

I feel like pasta salad is such an easy and well-loved dish – it requires minimal prep but is always a crowd favorite! I’m a doufus and forgot to take a photo of the final product (mixed and all) but I did step by step shots!


The ingredients are so, so simple you guys – the entire process takes about 20 minutes from prep to finished product:

tricolored fusilli
grape tomatoes
orange + yellow pepper
fresh mozzarella
italian dressing
salad supreme

The first step is to cook the tri-colored pasta – I picked this because it’s… more aesthetically pleasing. LOL! Cook the pasta in the background while you prep the other ingredients.

Next, you want to chop up all of the other ingredients while the pasta is cooking.

Add all of the ingredients to the pasta once it’s fully cooked – mix together the Italian dressing and salad supreme. Add as much as you want (to taste).

That’s it! So simple and a total crowd favorite!

Hope that you try it out for your next potluck or get together! Send me pics if you do 🙂

Talk tomorrow,

x, emily


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