What is Hygge? Living Your Coziest Life

Guys… I’m on my latest kick and I just need to tell you all about it.

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) — have you heard? Meri (@twentysomethingflair) commented “this is so #hygge” on my latest Instagram post and I had no idea what it was. So, naturally, I went to Google and typed in “What is hygge?”

I was flooded with articles all about this Scandinavian concept of living and let me just tell you… I’m now out here trying to live my best #Hygge life. Before I go on my 10-minute ramble about what Hygge is — take a look at these articles: here and here.

Basically, hygge is a Danish way of living your coziest life by enjoying the simple things such as hot chocolate on a snowy day while sitting by the fireplace covered in your softest microfiber blanket reading your favorite book. You see what I’m getting at here?

This article from Country Living says, “what freedom is to Americans, hygge is to Danes” — it’s that important y’all. This need for the comforts and cozies is probably the reason why Denmark is always top of the list for the world’s happiest countries.

So, let’s embark on this #hygge life together — today I’m sharing some simple ways that we can incorporate this cozy + joyful way of living into our lives.

Cozy Up Your Surroundings

Creating a warm, inviting atmosphere is such an integral part of living a hygge lifestyle. Think: candles, candles and more candles.

I’m obsessed with Bath and Body works candles because they smell up the entire room after just a few minutes — if you want to create more coziness without overwhelming your space with scent, you could opt to light tons of unscented candles.

I love keeping lanterns, small candle holders and little jars around our apartment because I think that candles make things so cozy. So light your favorite candles, curl up on your couch with your fuzziest blanket and throw on your fireplace. Or turn on your TV to a fireplace video on YouTube and listen to the crackling, LOL!

Pull out your favorite book and get lost in the coziness of the moment.

Bring The Outdoors In

This is probably my favorite tip as you all know how much I love plants. Greenery is a staple item in most Scandinavian decor — ever heard of the term, “scandi-boho”. That’s the exact vibe / interior look I was going for with our apartment. I love all things neutral, cozy + fluffy while also bringing a little bit of the outdoors in with my plants.

For you this may look like fresh flowers (even faux ones, if that’s your thing)  — or a few woodsy pieces like cinnamon sticks around the holidays or cherry blossom branches in the spring.

The idea here is to bring in elements into your home that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. For me, this means surrounding myself with plants (lol). 

Be Present: Your Presence Is A Present

The real meaning behind living a hygge lifestyle is not only the ability to be present but the recognition of said presence.

Some say that hygge is truly a feeling — it’s that innate happiness and joy bubbling from within because of how much your surroundings are playing a role in your overall happiness.

Staring at your phone or laptop for hours on end is not hygge although this is something that I do very, very frequently. This is the one area that I need the most improvement on — being present.

I feel like my minds always moving at a million miles an hour, I need to be doing something or creating something that I neglect the PRESENT. I can get really wrapped up in the future — dreaming about it, strategizing about it, focusing on it. But sometimes, slowing down and being in the NOW is the key to ultimate joay.

So, I hope that I did a decent job at explaining what living a hygge life is — if we all can be a little bit more like the Danish, we’ll be off to living our happiest most joyful lives!

Talk tomorrow,



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