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HAPPY (almost) CYBER MONDAY!! Okay can we be honest, there’s truly no such thing as black friday and cyber monday anymore because all of the stores put out sales the entire freakin’ weekend! 

There have been so many good sales this year – I’ve been stocking up on some of my favorite skincare goodies! Today I want to talk about three amazing skincare products that I’ve been trying out from The Body Shop. During Cyber Monday, they’re offering up to 50% off some of their best selling skincare items. 

I’m all about youthful skin and preventing aging before it happens. It’s just like eating healthy for your body. Instead of thinking, “eh… I’ll start eating the right nutrients when I need to.” you can prevent certain health ailments from ever happening by getting the proper nutrients into your diet.

The same goes for skincare. You can prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging before they even happen if you start to incorporate the right skincare products into your routine! Instead of overwhelming you guys with tons of products, I’m going to talk about three essential products for maintaining that youthful appearance.

drops of youth liquid skin peel
drops of youth youth concentrate
japanese matcha tea pollution clearing mask

Exfoliating – are you into it? I’m so obsessed with it. You could be using the best, most expensive and highly recommended products in the world but they won’t work as well as they could if your skin was properly exfoliated.

The liquid skin peel from The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth line is insane. It’s not an abrasive exfoliator, it’s a liquid exfoliator. Meaning, it doesn’t have small pumice stones or rough particles in it to exfoliate your skin. It contains ingredients that literally exfoliate off the dead skin cells before your eyes.

I mean that! You use one pump on your clean and dry face. Rub the product around for about thirty seconds, you’ll start to see little clumps of dead skin on your face and hands. I’m that weirdo that get’s such satisfaction from this, lol. I literally use it everywhere, my face, hands, back, neck and even this dry spot that I’ve had on my stomach for months.

I’ve already bought a second bottle because I can’t even imagine going through my skincare routine without this stuff.

Serum, serum, serum. I’m so obsessed with this Drops Of Youth serum.

I can’t stress the importance of serum enough. It’s such a unique skincare product. It’s not quite a moisturizer and not quite an essence. It’s the perfect blend between the two. 

This gel-like formula comes with a little squeeze syringe (so fun to use) and you apply it after you cleanse and exfoliate the skin and before you go in with your moisturizers or any other products that you’re using.

Within this serum are three plant stem cells that help to fight signs of aging before they happen. I use this every single night and day, even underneath my foundation and makeup. It doesn’t leave a greasy or oily residue so no need to worry about your makeup rubbing off.

If you’re a city girl like, your skin is exposed to so many more pollutants than those that live in more suburban / countryside areas. From the exhaust fumes to the denser population, there’s a lot more stuff floating around in the air.

This can cause those smaller clogged pores and congestion – you know, the ones that literally refuse to go away. This Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing mask is both parts clarifying and soothing.

Because it contains matcha tea, it helps to soothe the skin while also clearing any other congestion from pollution, makeup, or even the build up of natural oils in the skin.

I hope that you enjoyed this fun + quick post, you’ve gotta let me know how obsessed you become with all of these products. 

I keep them right on my marble skincare tray on my sink counter. I’m so inlove with them all and know that you will be too! 

Talk tomorrow



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