Thanksgiving Style x Lovoda

HEY THERE – what is up you guys?!

Are you ready to stuff your faces with turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing? I sure am! But before you get into arguing with your grandparents about whether you actually bought jeans with rips in them and playing board games with your little cousins, I want to share some Thanksgiving Day style inspo for you all.

Your twenties are such a weird age. No longer are you a kid who can get away with not helping with the cooking, yet you’re still sitting at the kid’s table. Family members are probably bombarding you with the, “So what are you up to these days?” question.

It’s time to elevate your style for the holidays and start to dress the part of a #mature young professional ;). Don’t panic – this can easily be done by playing up your accessories – no need to completely revamp your style!

refined resin hoop earrings – $12
sovereign gemstome bracelet – $12
druzy dot ring | turquoise – $12
shape of you bracelet (18k gold) – $18
sovereign gemstome bracelet – $12
druzy dot ring | turquoise – $12

I love layering jewelry – necklaces on bracelets on rings. The more layers the better, honestly. 

As of late, I’ve been so into gold – I used to be a strictly silver gal. But my tastes have changed a little bit. These accessories from Lovoda are so on trend and so affordable

They have all of the latest trends – I’m obsessed with the Refined Resin Hoop Earrings. How on trend are they for this season? I feel like these half hoop earrings are popping up everywhere on the ‘gram.

skip a beat necklace (16K gold) – $16
bubbly mode necklace (14K gold) – $16
sovereign gemstome bracelet – $12
looking sharp diamond bracelet (18k gold) – $18
druzy dot ring | turquoise – $12
shape of you bracelet (18k gold) – $18
druzy dot ring | turquoise – $12
silvia cushion cut ring | blue – $12
sovereign gemstome bracelet – $12
skip a beat necklace (16K gold) – $16
bubbly mode necklace (14K gold) – $16
sovereign gemstome bracelet – $12
looking sharp diamond bracelet (18k gold) – $18

Starting at 6 PM on Thanksgiving, Lovoda is offering 25% off their entire website. Yep, you read that right… You can receive a huge discount on all of their trendy (and already affordable) jewelry. The offer runs from 6PM on Thanksgiving until Black Friday.

So, seriously… Stock up while you can! If you saw my first gift guide of the season for the Trendsetter in your fam, then you know that their jewelry would make the perfect gift for any of your friends or family members this season. 

sovereign gemstome bracelet – $12
druzy dot ring | turquoise – $12
shape of you bracelet (18k gold) – $18

Remember ladies, accessories make an outfit. They’re the finishing touches, the icing on the cake if you will.

You can turn any plain outfit into a masterpiece by adding a few simple accessories. Lovoda has the trendiest accessories and I find myself wearing all of their stuff constantly. They just go with everything and make any outfit so much more exciting!



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