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If you guys have been following along with me on Instagram, then you know that I recently got my teeth whitened at Rittenhouse Dentists

I’m just gonna jump right into it and start off this post by showing you the before and after pictures so that you can see them speak for themselves. The results are insane + I couldn’t be more excited.



The results speak for themselves. You can clearly see that the white stains (decalcification) on my teeth have significantly decreased. My teeth are sparkling white and glossy.


Rittenhouse Dentists has Netflix Goggles – you can watch your favorite TV show while getting your procedure done.

I’ve written a full blog post detailing the ICON Treatment (white spot removing) – you can find that here. You’ll also find pictures of their insanely beautiful and welcoming office.

So just for a quick refresher, the first thing Dr. Abdulla did was the remove the decalcification on my teeth from braces. So many of you messaged me saying that you thought you were the only one who had those pesky white spots. While this is extremely common, it can be really embarrassing (it was for me at least). I never wanted anyone to get too close to my mouth – I thought that they’d think I was gross and never brushed my teeth even though I brush twice a day!

After two rounds of the Icon Treatment, I went in yesterday for the ZOOM Whitening Treatment. I’m literally blown away by the results.

Here’s what you can expect when doing zoom whitening treatment:

  • Three to four 15–minute sessions of whitening (depending on how much whitening you need).
  • An attentive, caring staff who has your best interest in mind. they won’t push you over your comfort zone while still getting you the best results.
  • A relaxing environment that feels like the furthest thing from a dentist’s office. I mean, what dentist’s office has Netflix Goggles and a Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment?
Here my teeth are being cured with a blue light in order to lift the stains on the layers of your teeth.

Like I said, you can expect to do three to four 15–minute sessions of the whitening during your appointment.

Dr. A and her staff will apply the whitening agent to your teeth, let it sit under the light for fifteen minuets to lift the stains, then do another layer of the whitening agent.

I did three sessions because I was happy with the results that I got from three, but they were more than willing to do another. It’s truly personal preference (but I say, the whiter the better).


After I posted on Instagram, so many of you had questions about the two procedures that I got done. My answers to all of these questions are below:

Pain / Sensitivity

The procedure wasn’t painful by any means. I will say that towards the end of the third round of whitening it was a little uncomfortable. My teeth felt a tad bit tingly, nothing too crazy or unexpected. To be honest, I was so deep in watching Sixteen Candles with the Netflix goggles that I lost track of time and my surroundings.

My teeth are not sensitive right now. I’ve been drinking ice water all night long with no issues. However, I don’t usually suffer from sensitivity issues. Before I got the ICON Stain Removing treatment and the ZOOM Whitening treatment I used a prescription tooth paste that Dr. A gave me. It contains a high concentration of fluoride which helps to strengthen the enamel on your teeth. This is a must-do if you have sensitive teeth – Dr. A will make sure that you’re prepared before your treatment(s).


The ICON Stain Removing treatment is covered 80% by most dental insurances. This means that you can expect a co-pay of $100 or less depending on your insurance. If you remove the white spots on your teeth, your smile will appear whiter because your teeth are all one color. This is absolutely worth it – it also gives your teeth a shine / gloss that’s unreal.

The ZOOM Whitening treatment costs $499 – Rittenhouse Dentists is currently running a holiday promotion where you will receive 20% off of the treatment. That means that the whitening treatment will only cost $399 during the holidays. This is the absolute perfect thing to ask for as a gift for the holidays, OR it’s the perfect gift to give a loved one!


I’m genuinely blown away by the results that I received from my treatments with Rittenhouse Dentists. But you know what I’m even more blown away by? The practice itself – Dr. A and her entire team are truly next level

They care so much about their patients and genuinely want you to receive the best results possible. Whether that means more work and time for them or not, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy. 

I’ve never received this type of service or care from a dentist in my entire life – and I genuinely mean that. I loved Dr. A and her practice so much that I switched my primary dentist to her almost immediately. Plus, all of their offices are beautiful and who doesn’t want to watch Netflix while they get their teeth cleaned?!

For those of you in the city of in the suburbs of Philadelphia, there’s a location for you:


If your teeth are something that have always bothered you, like me, it’s time to do something about them. Your teeth are one of the first places that people look at when you meet them. You deserve to feel confident in them!

You can book your appointment right online on Rittenhouse Dentist’s website (how convenient, right?) 

Here’s to you and your new teeth! You’re going to love Dr. A’s work!


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