Snowy Self Care with h. honeycup

HAPPY SNOW DAY! Philly has officially experienced the first snow day of the season – I have a feeling that we’re in for many more this year. 

You all know that I love self care more than anything. Seriously, what’s better than curling up on the couch with red wine, a face mask and some slippers as your body’s covered head to toe with oils & lotion!

It’s just so relaxing, de–stressing + necessary.

As winter has (clearly) arrived, it’s so important to prep your skin and switch up your self care routine. One of my favorite, local Philly brands – h. honeycup – has the perfect self care kit. Their Humbles Kit’s come with everything you need for a relaxing + smooth skin night. 

But the best part? All of their full sized skincare products are currently 20% off with free shipping. So whether you live in the Philly area or across the country, you can try out these amazing products. 

This All–Natural, Organic and Philly local skincare company is nothing short of amazing. Their products are innovative, high quality and affordable – you know… just everything that I love in a brand.

Their Humbles Kits come with three products: body scrub, body oil and a lotion stick. The Citrus scent is my favorite – so fresh and so clean. But you wanna know what I love most (aside from the fact that they’re vegan, cruelty free + gmo free). It’s the fact that I can pronounce and understand every single ingredient.

What do I mean when I say this? A lot of times skin care products have these crazy, super scientific names. Half of the time, you don’t even know what you’re putting on your body. 

But all of h. honeycup‘s products are made with All–Natural ingredients and things that we all know and love such as: pure cane sugar, orange oil, pomegranate seed oil, mango butter… The list goes on and on.


orange sunflower body scrub: here.
orange sunflower body scrubhere.

This body scrub is insane. It’s like a cross between a body scrub and a body butter – it’s so luxurious and the scent is intoxicating. 

Your first step to self care  is to exfoliate with this body scrub. I love doing this right after I shave my legs. It makes them baby’s bottom smooth


orange sunflower lotion stick: here.
orange sunflower lotion stick: here.

How amazing are these lotion sticks? I’m so obsessed to the point that I have to keep one with me at all times. I have one in my purse that I use every single day.

They’re perfect for those harder to moisturize spots like your elbows, knees and the back of your heels! 

You know when you go to use a lotion that’s been in your hand bag for months and it just ends up exploding all over you? These lotion sticks completely solve that problem – I mean c’mon… Aren’t they so innovative?! I’ve never used something like these before. 


This body oil rollerball is next level. You all know how much I love my body oils – I find them to be so much more moisturizing than body lotions and even butters.

There’s something about them that just melt into your skin. The only issue with applying body oil is that most times they’re either in a pump or a spray bottle. You end up getting the oil all over your sink, counter top or clothes!

H. honeycup’s body oil comes in a rollerball which is just genius. You can apply it where you want, it gives you complete control over the product instead of letting the product control you. 

YoH. honeycup is literally smart skincare. It’s all-natural, hassle free and they have the cutest packaging, ever. Seriously, it’s the kind of product that you WANT to sit out on your vanity.

Take advantage of the 20% offer with free shipping while you can! Stock up for the holiday season – the Humbles Kits are the perfect gift for that self care lover in your family! 

Next week, Black Friday through Cyber Monday all of their Body Oil products will be 25% off as well. If you want to wait until a little bit closer to the Holidays to do your shopping… In December they’re offering 20% off all of their Humbles Kits as well as free shipping.

 I just know that you guys are going to fall inlove with their products as much as I have! Snap me your pictures once you try them out! 

Talk tomorrow,



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