Milennial Problems: How To Relieve “Texting Neck”

You know that episode of the Kardashians when Kim goes to see a doctor because of pain in her right hand – only to later be diagnosed with early-onset carpal tunnel from taking too many selfies. Yeah, well I feel that on a personal level.

At work, I’m constantly typing, scrolling or clicking my mouse. My dominant hand is always so sore and strained. It doesn’t bend as far back as my non-dominant hand. 

There have been periods of time when I literally can’t move my pointer finger and thumb because they hurt so bad.

The other week at work, we had a health fair. One of the stations was a chiropractor – he diagnosed our posture by measuring our weight distribution and eyeballing us to see if one side was higher than the other. 

I told him about the throbbing pain in my hand, he felt the area between my thumb and pointer finger, only to go, “mhm, just what I thought”.

He also felt around on my upper back and noticed that I carry tension and knots in my upper back and neck. This is from staring down at a keyboard, computer screen or phone all day. 

Y’all, I’ve got texting hand AND neck – a new age, very fitting but very real millennial problem. You see, we may be appointed as, “You know how to work a computer right?” by our family members, but these physical issues due to our use of technology are so real. 

So, today I’m going to show you guys a few of the things that I’ve been doing to help relieve my texting neck and hand.


I know that this sounds so basic but it genuinely helps. 

Whenever I’m feeling extreme pain in my hand or neck / upper back I have Billy really dig into those areas with his thumb. It helps to release whatever tension is built up and iron out the knots that are beginning to form. 

But don’t worry, if you live alone I’ve also got some tips for you! (see below)

Another tip that I wanted to mention is to practice stretching your neck and arms throughout the day. Just some easy stretches, nothing too crazy. For instance, you can pull your hand back and forth, giving it a good stretch every once and awhile. For the neck, you can practice a slow head roll that helps to release the tension that has built up throughout the day.

Coconut oil helps with the massaging – who ever is giving you the massage will be able to dig a little bit deeper into the knots without hurting you. 


Have you ever used a foam roller or yoga ball? If you don’t have a yoga ball handy, a tennis ball or a lacrosse ball will work perfectly! 

The photos below (taken from Amazon) demonstrate what I mean when I say roll.

You can release the tension and iron out any knots in your upper and lower back by using a foam roller or a yoga ball.

(These photos were taken from Amazon)

Remember that warm / hot baths and showers always help to loosen the muscles up. 

If you’re feeling particularly sore, you should try to soften your muscles before having someone massage them out or using one of the rollers!

I hope that these tips helped – I know how much of a literal pain it can be to have this nagging issue!

Remember, posture is always key and try to stretch your hands as much as you can! 

Talk tomorrow,



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