How To Wear Leopard Print for Fall


Styling Animal Print for the Gal Who’s Anti–Pattern

I’m all for trying out new trends as each season rolls around. This season, one of the most popular trends is leopard print. I’m not one who loves animal print, or even pattern for that matter! But – oddly enough – I found myself loving this Fall 2018 trend.

Trust me, I know what some of you are thinking. “Emily… I’ve always loved leopard print!” Maybe some of you have never let go of your love for this fun trend. BUT, coming from someone who resists pattern (especially animal prints), I wasn’t sure where to start when buying my first piece.

So, today on the City of Sisterly Love – I’m going to share some tips on how you can easily incorporate this season’s trend into your wardrobe.


Leopard Styling Tip #1: Start Small!

You don’t have to go crazy at first. My advice is to start small! So, incorporate it into tiny pieces – maybe a belt, hair scarf or a pair of shoes! As you can see, I decided to start with a tank that I paired with a camel-toned jacket.

By wearing the jacket overtop of the leopard print tank, I can wear this fun pattern without having it be too loud. The jacket helps to soften the bold animal print just a tad so that it’s not too overwhelming.

Outfit Details


Leopard Styling Tip #2: Play Off Of The Print

As I’m sure you all know by now… I’m so into neutrals. I like things light, bright and airy (my home decor, my style and my space).

So the bold pattern of this animal print is a little out there

Instead, I chose to play off of the color of the tank and incorporated a camel colored jacket that seamlessly matched the print!


Outfit Details

Now that you guys are armed with some easy tips on how to incorporate leopard print into your Fall 2018 wardrobes, I cannot wait to see all of your looks!

Remember: style and fashion is all about having fun! Don’t ever take things too seriously.

Talk tomorrow,




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