November Goals: New Month, New Resolutions

Happy November, babes!

We’ve officially crossed pumpkins and gourds off of our list – bring on the holiday’s, gingerbread houses, + candy canes. Oh wait, did we forget Thanksgiving? Seems like everyone’s skippin’ over the “inbetween” holiday. I love a good homemade cranberry sauce.

Since we’re at the start of a new month and the *unofficial* start of the holiday season, I wanted to share a few of my November Goals / Resolutions with you all. Things that I want to learn / do in this new month – hopefully this will inspire some of you to kickstart those projects that you’ve been pushing to the back burner.


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  • Learn One New Recipe!
    If you know me, you know that I’m not the best cook. I’m that person that starts cooking, then starts doing 20 other things (like cleaning, watching YouTube videos, etc) and ends up burning everything. But, as of late… I’ve been trying to up my kitchen skills! So, in November I want to learn one new recipe. If you’ve got a good one, PLEASE send it my way! Billy (and my) stomachs will thank you, lol! I really do want to get better at cooking. And by cooking, I mean real recipes not just grilling chicken and steaming vegetables.


  • Workout 5x A Week
    TRUST ME, I know how hard it is to wake up and leave your warm bed in the morning. I’ve worked out 4 out of the last 5 days and I feel so good about it. There’s a noticeable difference in my mental clarity + energy. But, I’m not always this good with working out. There have definitely been weeks, even months, where I’d roll out of bed + immediately start getting ready for work – no morning routine, no working out. Just jumping straight into my day. But, carving time out in the morning for myself does wonders for my psyche.


  • Save 20% Of My Monthly Income
    With our move coming up in December, I feel like I’ve been running from HomeGoods to Target to Hobby Lobby buying things for our new place. While we have a lot of the “necessities”, I definitely wanted to change up my decor style. I’m going for way more of a feminine / masculine mix with lots of neutrals and pops of jewel tones! So, I’ve been buying a lot of new things (with coupons and sales of course). HOWEVER, I want to get back to saving 20% of my monthly income each month. It feels so good to save money. You know, like finding deals and sales where I can + not over indulging on unnecessary things! While I don’t consider myself a penny pincher, I try to be as smart as I possibly can be with my money. I love transferring money into my savings account – it feels like such a #GirlBoss move!


While these aren’t earth shattering goals, I think that every bigger goal starts with smaller ones. Working out 5x a week may not seem like much, but it’s the bigger goal of getting into great physical health. Saving 20% of my monthly income may not seem like the largest percentage, but it’s a start + a great habit to get into!

I encourage you all to write down three things that you want to accomplish in November. Create alarms / reminders in your calendar. Take little steps and actions towards your goals each day.

Let’s finish out the end of the year strong!

Love you guys ?


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