My All Time Favorite Makeup Products

Let’s have some fun, shall we?

I used to be so into makeup – bought more eyeshadow palettes than I knew what to do with. But after I graduated college, I sort of fell out of love with makeup. Not sure if it was the fact that I wasn’t going to college parties anymore and didn’t need my eyes to be 10 different shades of gold / brown, or if I just didn’t have time.

Either way, I’ve recently gotten back into makeup + am learning new techniques to apply my makeup.

However, today’s post is going to be all about my all-time favorite makeup and beauty products. Items that I reach for on a regular / daily basis.

This master list is full of some great items that I know you guys are going to love. It’s a mixture of drug store / high end brands so there’s a lil something for everyone!

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ONE // Comin’ from a gal who has combination / oily skin, finding a long wearing foundation is a MUST. My foundation can go from lookin’ good to looking like a hot mess real quick. I love this foundation because the shade range has something for everyone – it lasts all day doesn’t budge.

TWO // I’ve loved this powder and have used it since high school. The shade that I use is W7 – their shade range is amazing. They have cool, warm and neutral shades – the finish is matte but it looks like skin. Just like it’s name, it’s super blendable, I apply it over foundation or concealer and it last’s all day!

THREE // The best dupe for Laura Mercier’s Translucent Setting Powder (which I love), but it’s pretty pricey. This dupe from Rimmel is under $5 at Target + absolutely get’s the job done. I set my under eyes with it + it works like a breeze.

FOUR // Highlighting underneath my eyes is my favorite part of the entire foundation routine. It makes you look: alive, youthful and glowy. This under eye concealer is SO easy to apply because of it’s sponge tip + the formula lasts all day long.

FIVE // This is a cult favorite bronzer and once you try it, you’ll understand why. It’s so blendable and compliments nearly every skin tone. In the summer when I’m tanner, it gives me a nice glow and softly sculpts my cheekbones. During the winter, it warms up my face and gives me that “sunkissed” glow. As far as matte bronzer’s go, this one has the best finish in my opinion.

SIX // On days when I don’t feel like foundation, or I don’t have much redness or blemishes to cover up, I like to go super light with my makeup. This Laura Mercier concealer last’s all day long – it provides high coverage while also still appearing like your skin.

SEVEN // If you know me then you know how psycho I am about my eye brows. In high school and middle school they were basically non existent – in college I finally discovered the gift of filling in your brows (THANK GOD). This pomade has been my savior – it doesn’t budge so you don’t have to worry about your brow rubbing off halfway through the day (LOL, seriously though). You’ve gotta have a light hand with this product because it can go from 0 –> 100 real quick.

EIGHT // I was a firm believer in only buying drugstore mascaras until I discovered this product. If you’ve got thin, short eyelashes like I do this product is going to be your new best friend. It lengthens them AND thickens them without making your lashes look too clumpy!

NINE // Probably my favorite product out of all of these – I’ve replaced blush with using this product. After applying all of my makeup, the very last step is to apply the top right color to the top parts of my cheekbones. The coral shade with gold shimmer in it is EVERYTHING. I swear.

TEN // If your lips get insanely dry during the fall and winter, this product is going to be your hero. It’s a thick, agave mask that you can apply in the morning and at night. The agave makes it taste sweet which is such a bonus. But, your lips are going to be baby smooth after using this stuff!

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I hope that you guys enjoyed this style blog post, I’m definitely going to be doing more!

Talk tomorrow,




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