Where To Purchase Decorative Plant Pots

Happy Wednesday friends!

Today I thought that I’d share where you can find decorative plant pots to showcase your beautiful plant friends!

Not only do I love plants, but I also love decorating with them. To me, they bring so much life into your home. Living in the city, it can start to feel like a concrete jungle. Luckily for us, we get tons of natural light in our apartment so my plants do pretty well for being indoor plants exposed to the A/C and heat all year round.

Starting your own plant collection could become overwhelming, so I thought that I’d simplify it and tell you my best kept secret for purchasing plant pots!


You ready…?

HOBBY LOBBY! Have you ever been to one? They are absolutely insane for all things: home decor, crafting + seasonal decor. There’s always a 40% off coupon that you can use on any item of your choosing!

They also have TONS and TONS of sales – last time I went in, all of their ceramic pottery was 50% off.


You’re gonna want to keep your plants in their plastic containers and NOT repot them into the decorative pots.

In order to do well indoors, your plants are going to need drainage holes. Meaning, you need a place for all of the water to escape! If it doesn’t escape it can lead to root rot and eventually cause your plants to die.

I love to keep spare decorative pots around incase I get a new plant friend (which happens very often, lol!)

So, next time your around a Hobby Lobby, be sure to stop in + find some cute plant potters!

Talk tomorrow,




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