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You guys… I’m SO EXCITED to be doing this post today!

Have I ever told you about my teeth? Or my fear of the dentist… Well, grab a snack ’cause we’re about to a take a trip down memory lane.

Let’s get real: I had white stains on my teeth, noticeable white stains that were making the rest of my teeth look more “yellow” than they actually are. They’ve always bothered me + I’ve been self conscious about it + super weary of people getting too close to my teeth so that they wouldn’t be able to see them.

Why? Well because I had braces… TWICE. Yes, you read that correctly. I suffered through the awkward teenage right of passage two freakin’ times! When I was little, I had a THIRD BIG TOOTH (lol). I’m dead serious, I had a third front tooth that was growing upwards. It never came down, but it was living within my gums and causing all of my other teeth to shift. I had to get it surgically removed but the damage had already been done! My two front teeth were sticking straight out and one of them was completely turned sideways. HELLO BRACES! 


If you’ve ever had braces, you know the stains + white marks that they leave behind. This has been something that’s always bothered me about my smile. You go through so much to have your teeth looking beautiful after, but then there’s these noticeable white stains on them! To add another kicker… I’m a full blown coffee lover + have definitely started to notice the staining that it’s left on my teeth.

That’s why I decided to finally have my teeth whitened and taken care of by a professional. No more boxed strips of teeth whitening gel that leave your teeth in pain. Dr. Abdulla and her entire team at Rittenhouse Dentists are so knowledgeable, professional + sweet! I’m literally blown away by the results. When Dr. Abdulla showed me the mirror after the procedure I was FLOORED. Seriously, my teeth were: shiny, glossy + stain free for the first time in almost 10+ years.

They have three locations: Rittenhouse, Bala Cynwyd and Bryn Mawr. Their newest location in Bryn Mawr is… stunning. Yes, you read that correctly… I’m talking about a dentist’s office that is absolutely beautiful and #officegoals.

IMG_3951IMG_3898 (1)IMG_3913IMG_3897.jpg

Do you see what I mean… It’s beautiful. But the best part? It smells like pumpkin heaven – nothing too overwhelming, just the perfect scent of fall!

Most times when you walk into a dentist office you feel like it smells of either sterile chemicals or tooth particles ?Not Rittenhouse Dentists, this place looks, feels + smells like home. It takes the stress / anxiety away from “going to the dentist”. Immediately when you walk in you feel like you’re at a spa.



I had originally come in to get a whitening treatment. After telling Dr. Abdulla about the stains on my teeth and my insecurity about them – without hesitation – she said that I would have better results by doing the ICON treatment. It’s a stain removing treatment that works to remove those pesky white spots on the teeth called “decalcification”.

Immediately, I felt like she had my best interest at heart + saw that she truly wants her patients to get the best results possible. There are so many times when you feel like a doctor or dentist is just rushing you through because they have so many more patients to see. I didn’t feel that way at all from Dr. Abdulla. Although the ICON treatment would be a lengthier process, it was the absolute best solution to get rid of the white spots once and for all.

SO, she took me back to the chair and guess what… There were NETFLIX GLASSES waiting for me to watch a movie while I got the procedure done. ARE YOU KIDDING?! Is this not the most amazing dentist office you’ve ever heard of!?


It’s honestly genius. The part that scares me the most about the dentist are the sounds. But, HELLO, if you’re fully immersed watching/listening to something by using Netflix Glasses, there are zero sounds. Brilliant. (LOL, look at the photo of me above with the Netflix Glasses on… Completely unaware of the fact that I was at the dentist).

Anyways, there were about four steps (I think) to the total ICON treatment. It took only about a half hour to forty five minutes to do. ZERO PAIN. No drills, no crazy sounds. Simple, painless + let me just tell you… The results are INSANE.

The stains on my bottom teeth are completely gone where the braces / brackets used to be. On my top teeth – specifically on my canines – we’ll be doing a second treatment in a few weeks to remove the last few stains! We’ll also be doing the ZOOM whitening treatment. Dr. Abdulla said that once you lift the stains off of the teeth with the ICON treatment, you’ll have better results with whitening because your teeth will be all one color. I’ll be doing a full blog post on the entire process so stay tuned!

After posting on my Instagram Stories, SO MANY of you messaged me asking if there were any problems with sensitivity. And, I’m here to happily report that after almost 24 hours later, there is NO SENSITIVITY. My teeth don’t hurt or ache and they’re not temperature sensitive. I had an ice gold glass of water at dinner last night with absolutely no problem.



I was so curious (per usual) about all things regarding the ICON treatment, Dr. Abdulla and how she got started in dentistry so I asked her a few questions. I’ve summarized her answers below!

Q: What are some things that patients with sensitive teeth can do to prep for their teeth whitening treatment?

Dr. Abdulla: Use a desensitizing toothpaste a week before your treatment. It’s a prescription tooth paste that contains a large amount of fluoride to help prepare your teeth for whitening or any procedure where there may be potential sensitivity!

She also said that it’s great for anyone to use. What you do is you brush your teeth as you normally would, but instead of rinsing out with water you just spit the rest of the tooth paste out and let the fluoride sit on your teeth! This helps to strengthen them and protect them against sensitivity!

Q: Are there any foods that may cause staining of the teeth?

Dr. Abdulla: Yes, after the ICON treatment, for 72 hours after avoid anything with a lot of pigment: coffee, tea, red wine, mustard / ketchup, red sauces, berries, soy sauce, lettuce / tomatoes. Your teeth are porous and are still open for up to 72 hours afterwards.

Q: What types of patients would NOT be a candidate for this?

Dr. Abudlla: You can’t do it if you have a lot of tooth-colored bonding / filling material. This process won’t work on filling material.

For instance, if you chipped your tooth when you were little and have a “fake” front tooth, the ICON treatment won’t work to brighten them or remove stains.

I seriously cannot recommend Rittenhouse Dentists enough – before I even left the chair I made the decision to switch my dentist here. Luckily, there’s a location RIGHT next to the apartment complex that Billy and I are moving to in December in Bala Cynwyd.

So, for all of my Philly gals there is a location for you. Either in Rittenhouse at 18th and Pine, in Bala right on City Line Ave, or in Bryn Mawr right off of Lancaster Ave.

Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing my full experience and before + after pictures of the whitening treatment!

Talk tomorrow,



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