What Does Self Love Mean In The Social Media Era

I’ve been talking a lot lately about self-love and social media. The reason? Because I think that it’s so freakin’ important. While I love social media – heck, my full time job is in social media… I recognize how dangerous it can be for our self image.

There have been countless studies done about teenagers and their social media use reporting that they feel more “anxious” due to social media.

While social media is an insanely powerful tool that’s enabled the world to connect in ways never imaginable – there’s also a darker, less talked about side. You know, the side where people feel: inferior, oppressed + filled with comparison.

But I don’t think that it needs to be that way. If we’re all going to use social media, I think that we need to use it responsibly. What do I mean when I say that? I mean that t’s our responsibility to ourselves to use it in a way that empowers us, motivates us or inspires us.


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Here are some tips on how to cultivate more #SelfLove in the age of social media.

  1. UNFOLLOW: You Hold The Power – If something or someone is making you feel negatively whenever their photos stumble across your feed, you have every right to unfollow them! It’s most likely not anything that they’re doing, it’s probably the story you make in your head about how “perfect” their life may seem across a screen. But the fact of the matter is, this is your life + if something or someone’s perspective / message / lifestyle is making you feel badly then CHOOSE to not see it. Remember, you hold the power here!
  2. UNPLUG: Give Yourself Away Time – This is so crucial you guys. If you read my blog post this past week about screen time + consciously choosing to step away from social media, then you most likely know what I’m about to say here. We are human beings, never designed nor meant to consume so many messages at once. Especially not through a screen, 24/7, all of the time. We were built to live in nature, amongst the trees, grass, animals, sunshine + fresh air. If you feel off or weird – it may be because you’ve been spending a little too much time staring at a screen + other people’s lives.Unplug yourself, turn your phone off… let it die. Don’t respond to a single message, comment or call. Give yourself space from the digital world. Go outside, take a walk, break out your craft supplies, cook a yummy meal, do 10000 face masks. Whatever your definition of #MeTime is… Do it!
  1. UNDO: Change The Meaning: – The only reason that we ever feel hurt / offended / displeased with anything in our lives is because we don’t like the meaning that we assigned to it. For instance, someone cuts you off in traffic + almost causes you to rear-end them. You have one of two ways that you can look at it. You could get angry, flip them off and curse at them while they stare at you in the rearview. OR, you could think to yourself, “You know what, they’re probably in a bigger rush than I am. They didn’t mean to hurt me or make me angry, I understand that they might just be stressed to get somewhere on time.”


Do you see the difference there? The same thing can be applied to social media. Instead of looking at someone’s feed and think, “God, they’re so luck that they get to travel so much. I’d never be able to do that” you can change the meaning and think, “Wow! I love following this account because they show me so many beautiful places in the world that I can add to my travel bucket list.”


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At the end of the day, I want us all here at the City of Sisterly Love to feel empowered by connecting through social media. Never distressed or upset by it.

I hope that these tips helped!

Talk tomorrow,




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