Community Over Competition

There’s this whole movement going on over on Instagram of, “Community over Competition.” You know, girls genuinely supporting other girls.

I think it’s such an important message for a generation of young women who were brought up in the digital age. Social media has fed a behavior of flaunting and “look at me” moments. We’ve all got ‘em. At any moment in time, we can open our phones and see how successful, pretty, smart or driven our fellow #girlbosses and #guybosses (word?) are.





Growing up (+ still to this day), I’ve absolutely had my fair share of times when I’ve felt jealous of other girls. Jealous of their: looks, personality, their intelligence, their humor, their wit or their confidence. You know those girls who look like they’ve got it all together. Come on, let’s get real… We’ve all been there at some point in our lives.

But I think the whole #CommunityOverCompetition movement happening on Instagram is one of the most important messages for a generation that is starving for approval.

Which is easier? SLIPPING into a path of: judgement, jealousy + criticism or CHOOSING to: collaborate, connect + support?

When we start to understand that choosing collaboration, connection + support is the path of least resistance + the one to internal happiness, we can start to see power in our decisions.




I feel blessed to be apart of not only the Philly blogging community, but the blogging community as a whole. It’s filled with girls (+ guys) from all walks of life who decided that enough was enough + that it was time to take a chance on themselves. People who have given themselves permission to chase after their goals + dreams – those are my favorite kinds of people.

Everyone’s reason for starting a blog is different. Some crave an outlet and a way to express themselves in an extremely personal way. Others see it as a place to connect + meet like minded people. For me, it was really a medley of the two. I had just moved to the City of Sisterly Love (lol) with Billy + truly didn’t have any friends in the city. Since I didn’t go to a school in Philadelphia, I didn’t have a wide ranging network of friends who stuck around to live + work in the city. I craved community, belonging + connection.

When we’re stuck in comparison or judgement, it can be hard to feel feelings of happiness for ourselves, let alone others

Since the moment that I decided to start my blog, I’ve never felt more apart of something in my life. The passion + creativity of the bloggers here in Philly are unreal. But what’s even crazier? How supportive everyone is. I feel like we truly want the best for each other + revel in seeing each other grow // evolve // change.

So what does it take to reach that point? How do you find true happiness in the success of others?

I believe that it’s grounded in gratitude – being able to look at what YOU’VE done + say, “You know what… I’m proud of myself. I’ve got this amazing platform where I’m given an opportunity to have a voice. A space for me to share my passions with those who find happiness in them as well”.

When we’re stuck in comparison or judgement, it can be hard to feel feelings of happiness for ourselves, let alone others. But, when our intentions are grounded in gratitude we’re able to find joy in the little things. The little wins that add up to big wins.

So, my challenge for us all is to find more gratitude for the little things. To reach for more support + happiness for the success of our friends // peers // community members. Let’s all strive to reach for more #CommunityOverCompetition. It can sure go a long way!

Talk to you guys tomorrow,

As always… Have an amazing weekend!





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