STOP, DROP + NO MORE SCROLL | Why Taking A Social Media Detox Is Essential For Your Sanity.

Scroll, scroll, scroll…. click on someone’s story.

“Oh, hmm… She’s got a six pack of abs without even trying. I really gotta get back to the gym, I hate the way my legs look”

Clicks to next story.

“Nice, someone else from my high school getting engaged.”

Moves onto Facebook.

“Oh, this random stranger on the internet just bought a house? Am I doing it wrong?”

“It’s hard not to compare yourselves to your friends + girls you see on social media if we’re always looking at their lives and not at our own.”

Does this sound like you? To me, this is the epitome of life in 2018. An endless journey of unconscious scrolling, comparing + self-doubting. When the lives of strangers – and even those that we know – are viewable to us by the click of a screen or the touch of a swipe, it can become easy to slip into a dangerous pattern of worrying, self-doubt and anxiety.

That’s why I took a mini social media detox last night. A break away from the screens, the scrolling and the noise. I put my phone down the second that I got home from work and didn’t pick it up again until the next morning. God, it felt SO GOOD.

This morning, I woke up without feeling like I just got knocked over by a semi-truck. I had energy. I worked out. I meditated. I felt good.

Normally, I’d showcase aspects of my life like what I’m having for dinner or a quick little video of me cleaning up my room. While I love connecting through Instagram and the City of Sisterly Love more than anything, being “always on” and creating content can become exhausting. There have been many times where I’ve felt myself burnt out but feeling like I needed to respond to someone’s message, comment or question.

I think that the definition of self love is constantly evolving as technology is becoming an extension of us. How do we decipher what’s real from what we see. Sure, I hear you telling me that Instagram is just “someone else’s highlight reel” but she looks damn perfect in a bikini after having two kids and a happy marriage.

You see what I’m getting at? It can be hard to break down the wall between what someone else is portraying versus what you’re seeing.


The comparison game – while we all try to fight it and avoid it – is a very real topic in today’s world. It can leave you feeling: exhausted both mentally and physically, filled with self doubt and overwhelm. Trust me, I only know this because I’ve been and still am there. It’s hard not to compare yourselves to your friends + girls you see on social media if we’re always looking at their lives and not at our own.

Putting down my phone for one night felt so, so good. I helped Billy create a brochure for a conference that he leaves for tomorrow. I got lost in creativity, thought + imagination. None of this would have been possible if I would have posted an Instagram last night. I would have felt pressured to engage, respond + share.

The larger conversation at hand is that we need to listen to our bodies more. I knew that something was off when I felt dread to open up social media and scroll through. I thought to myself, WAIT… I don’t need to do this if I don’t want to. I have a choice here. I can listen to my body, or I can continue to unconsciously scroll through the lives of other people.

For me, it’s even harder – my full time job is in social media. I’m always scrolling, looking + always analyzing content on social. And then when I get home, I’m creating content for the City of Sisterly Love, engaging with you all (which I love, don’t get me wrong). But it can be really exhausting to show up, every…single…day.

This morning, I felt more energized, rejuvenated and ready to go than I have in a very long time. I meditated, worked out, journaled, watered my plants, cooked lunch. I’m not sharing this for a reaction. I’m not sharing this so that you read it and think, “oh wow, she’s got her sh*t together.” I’m sharing this because I had a profound experience of living in the moment, being present for myself.

I hope that you all take a night, or even a weekend off from social media. Whether you’re a blogger or not, taking time away from the screens and being truly present is a gift that we’re all neglecting to give ourselves.



  1. therealcontemplations
    October 16, 2018 / 3:47 pm

    Absolutely, 100% agree with you. I am on a 16-day streak and never felt more at ease. Majority of the days, I have clear head and am content. X


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