Q+A: Get To Know Alyssa DelTorre, Ms. United States 2018 | Self Care, Self Love and Finding Your Why.

I’m so excited for today’s blog post. As you can guess by the title of this post, I had an opportunity to interview Alyssa DelTorre – Ms. United States 2018.

We met while we were both attending High Performance Academy in Arizona back in September. During one of the sessions, we happened to sit seats away from each other and ended up in the same small group when we broke off for deeper conversation.

The conversation was centered on PHYSIOLOGY, but more importantly: health habits and routines // rituals that we do every single day that set us up for success. After talking with Alyssa I knew that I wanted to interview her on the City of Sisterly Love. Seriously, who doesn’t wanna learn the beauty / health rituals of Ms. United States?!

I remember her saying that she wakes up at 4:44 AM every morning (woah) and that she created a meditation area in her home that’s filled with all of her personal, handpicked belongings. For example, she has a candle for aroma and crystals for energy. She inspired me to buy my own crystal’s while we were in Flagstaff.

But what really drew me to her was the light, energy and grace that she spoke with. Within seconds of getting to talk to her, I sensed an: accepting, open minded and caring individual. Her calm confidence was so alluring and inspiring.

Anyways, before I keep rambling… Let’s get to the Q+A, I know that you guys are going to absolutely love this one!

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Give us a brief introduction as to who Alyssa DelTorre is – where did you grow up, what did you want to be as a little girl?

I grew up in Eden Prairie, MN, a suburb 20 minutes west of Minneapolis and graduated from the Eden Prairie High School. As a young girl I had two very different desires. I was inspired from the shows I watched and wanted to be an actress and a lawyer.

How did you get into the pageant world?

I had been interested in pageants for a few years after watching Alayah Benavidez win Miss United States 2016 but had no idea where to start to get into the industry. I received a message from a friend this past January asking if I had thought about competing because she saw what I was already doing within the community, how I was showing up in the world and thought I would make a good candidate. Because of her push and guidance on how to get into the pageant world, I started to train with Wendi Russo as my pageant coach and dedicated the next 6 months to training for States and Nationals.

the line that always comes back to me no matter where I’m at is “you create your own reality”

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What’s the best piece of advice that anyone’s ever given you? (Could be related to anything: business, life, beauty, wellness, etc).

Being in the world of personal development I have the privilege to come across a lot of inspiring influencers who have great insights, but the line that always comes back to me no matter where I’m at is “you create your own reality”. I don’t know who originally spoke it, but there is such a raw truth in that small statement and it immediately gives me ownership of my thoughts, feelings, actions, and the conditions I’m currently in.  From that mental positioning, you have the personal power to create anything you want for your life.

QUICK, you’ve got a last minute meeting where you have to fly across the country – what’s one travel necessity that we’d find in your carry on?

My travel necessity would be my vitamins and supplements! Traveling can take a toll on my body and mind and to maintain health and energy levels I make sure I have my vitamins and health supplements.

What does your morning routine look like? How do you think that it sets you up for the rest of your day / week?

Each morning I wake up and drink a glass of water that I keep near my bed for convenience. I wash my face, brush my teeth, then get a small bite to eat so my stomach doesn’t rumble while I meditate for 15-20 minutes. After finishing my morning meditation I go to the gym, get a workout in and return home to shower and finish getting ready for my day while I eat the rest of my breakfast.  This routine gets my mind, body, and emotions in alignment right away. I chose the foundation of what I want to build my day upon in the morning. As the day progresses, I have less stress and a higher sense of self-esteem because I have already accomplished tasks that are important to me.

The meaning of self-care in my mind is the practice of bringing yourself into alignment with who you truly are through multiple actions and practicing to the point of feeling love and appreciation for yourself and how much the Devine loves you.

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What does “self-care” mean and / or look like for you? (Face masks, meditation, etc)

The meaning of self-care in my mind is the practice of bringing yourself into alignment with who you truly are through multiple actions and practicing to the point of feeling love and appreciation for yourself and how much the Devine loves you. A few of my self-care actions are meditation, warm cozy baths with bath bombs or epsom salt, salon or spa treatments, reading, getting outside and in the sun (I’m a sun lover!) and rewarding my healthy eating habits with a treat during the week since I have a sweet tooth.

In this chapter of life, how are you giving back and / or serving others? Have you noticed higher levels of fulfillment?

I centered my pageant platform around abuse, specifically the healing through health after one has been abused. I personally know the shame of being abused so I have set up donation links to RAINN (the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network which is the largest anti-sexual abuse network in the United States) have volunteered and spoken at local women shelters to share my personal story and share insights on how I was able to heal from my personal experiences. I’m a Life Coach as well so I have worked with individuals one on one and in group settings to guide them in getting clarity in their desires and help them improve the way they show up in all areas of their life. I have never done more fulfilling work than what I’m doing now. I have seen someone shift from deep depression and wanting to commit suicide to having goals, a positive outlook, and enjoying life again after only a month of working together. This is what gives me a sense of purpose and responsibility to keep sharing.



I hope that you guys enjoyed this Q+A as much as I did. Alyssa’s insight and heart shine through in so many ways. I admire her WHY and PURPOSE so much – this is girl who leads with her heart.

She reminds me that when we lead with our PURPOSE and we live to SERVE, we create a life that’s far greater than ourselves.

If you want to follow along on her journey, you can check out her Instagram at: @alyssadeltorre – she’s going to be launching her exciting new website extremely soon!

Stay tuned!


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