Skincare Items I’ve Been Loving Lately

What is up babes?! I’m so excited to be doing this post today – today we’ll be talking about some skincare items that I’ve been loving lately.

Skincare is a vital part of #selfcare! It’s a lil something that is just for me – a little quiet time at the sink to indulge. Taking care of my skin means preventing aging (at the ripe young age of twenty three, lol), fighting break outs and other skin problems.


I’ve struggled with acne, oily skin, scarring from break outs and dullness. So, I love trying out new products that may help to eliminate or even reduce these issues. As Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential says, you’ve gotta lead with your skin. Makeup is fun and great, but it only cover’s up the issues. There’s texture, bumps, flakiness + other skin things that can be preventing your skin from livin’ it’s best life.

So, today I’m going to be reviewing some of my favorite products that I received in a recent PR box from Push The Envelope PR – they so graciously sent these items over to try / test out. You all know that I’m very selective when it comes to which products / companies I share here on the blog. Your trust in my word / recommendations means everything to me. I’ll never recommend something that I don’t truly believe in / stand behind.



Booda Butter – Booda Organics: HERE

This all over skin balm REALLY hydrates your skin. First of all, it smells like chocolate… like literally straight up cocoa powder. AMAZING RIGHT? Have you ever smelled Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Palette?! This smells almost identical to it.

This body butter is USDA Organic certified. Meaning, it’s free of all that gucky stuff like sulfates, parabens, etc… You know, all of the buzz words that we hear floating around. It’s alarming when you do your research and learn how many harsh chemicals are in the products that we frequently find on the aisles at our local pharmacies / grocery stores. I try to use organic products on my skin as much as I can.

I will say, you need to scrape off the top layer of the body butter before it really starts to become functional. Or else, you’ll be rubbing your hand around in the jar only to get minimal product. Once you scrape off the top layer, the product becomes creamy + easy to apply.

What I love most about this product is that my skin is hydrated / glowing THE NEXT DAY. Has anyone else ever put lotion on only to have their skin dry out a few hours later?! So frustrating.

I absolutely recommend this product if you’re looking for a high quality, organic body butter! You can find it here.


Filorga Lift Designer Serum + Roller Ball

I’m not kidding when I say that this may be the most amazing / luxurious / functional skincare product that I’ve ever used. The top of this product is an ice roller ball – yep, you read that right. It’s a cool-to-the-touch roller ball that disperse’s the product within the tube within the click of a button.

You press a button on the side, and a small amount of product comes up from the tube. Then you start rolling the roller ball onto the skin which then disperse’s the product. GENIUS. Ice roller’s are amazing for the skin because they help to reduce inflammation and puffiness.

The serum itself is one of the nicest formulas that I’ve ever used. The next morning, my skintone is even, moisturized but not oversaturated. I absolutely adore this product and it’s quickly become part of my every night routine. .



IRIS + ORCHID Sheet Mask

Are you as obsessed with sheet masks as I am?! These are the ultimate #selfcare, sure you’ll look like a GHOST while it’s on (lol) but the benefits of deeply penetrating your skin using sheet masks is unparalleled.

This one from a brand called Iris + Orchid is amazing. It smells just as good as it looks + my skin was so supple / hydrated after using it! I like to do sheet masks at night. I curl up in bed with a good book and relax as my mask is doing it’s work.

The easiest part about sheet masks is that they’re minimal clean up. Unlike mud masks, these require no washing off. If you’re like me and can get lazy at night, you can take off the sheet mask after about 20 minutes and put it on your night stand (LOL). Just rub the left over oils into your skin and off to sleep you go!


BY FAR THE COOLEST / MOST YUMMY PRODUCTS I RECEIVED! For all of my Philly / PA babes – this brand h. honeycup is located right in Wayne, PA. They provide all natural / organic skincare items which is right up my alley. The two products that I received were absolutely amazing.

I’ve been using the Palmorosa Pomegrante Body Oil is insanely good. I use it after putting on the Booda Butter + roll the oil ALL OVER MY SKIN. If only you guys could smell this stuff. It’s so so so yummy. I’m an avid oil user + try to get everyone on board the oily train. To me, it’s the most luxurious product with the most skin benefits.

They also sent over their Orange Sunflower Lotion Stick is to die for. It smells like an orange creamsicle, no joke. So, what exactly is it?! Well it’s just like the name eludes to.. a stick of lotion. Is that genius or what. I threw this into my purse for moisturizing on the go.

This brand is so cute, innovative + high quality. I’m definitely going to be purchasing more items from their online store: here.



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