Emeralds and Creams | Fall 2018 Style

HEY HEY HEY! I’m back + better than ever.

I’ve missed you guys + shooting content!

If you’ve been noticing a lack of blog posts on the City of Sisterly Love it’s because I’ve been waiting for a new battery charger for my camera for forever. Seriously, that thing has been dead for days + I died a little inside.

I lent my camera out + never got the charger back (merp) so I ordered a new one to our hotel while we were in Phoenix. HOWEVER, it ended up not fitting the battery for my camera… So I had to order another one. OH WELL, life goes on. There’s bigger issues in zeeeee world!


outfit details

Long story short, I’m so excited to be back. Literally so pumped to style + create new content for you guys! You can expect a lot of fresh + fun fall styles. This fall, I’m focusing on really shopping my own closet. Wearing things that I already own – some pieces from last season + some summer rollovers that I love!

When it comes to the change of seasons, it can be fun to go out + purchase new items. But, it can also get expensive trying to keep up with the latest trends. While I’m all for a good, trendy piece… I also realize that they’re just that… TRENDS! They’ll come + go so I try not to splurge too much or overindulge.


I absolutely adore this velvet ribbed dress – are we obsessed with the emerald green color, or what?! It’s to die for + one of my favorite colors for fall (and possibly all time, #woah). Velvet is so soft to the touch, it feels luxe (even though this dress was under $15!)

Pairing long cardigans with your shorter dresses for fall is such a fun switch up // transition. You don’t have to say goodbye to your beloved summer dresses just yet. Not to mention how HOT it’s been in Philly all of September + October. The mornings are cool + breezy, but by the mid-afternoon the temperature lingers around the 80’s… INSANE!


outfit details




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