How To Repair Damaged, Color Treated Hair

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I get so many messages from you chickas about my hair! Which is like, kind of confusing because I spray dry shampoo in it 4 days a week + wash it less than I’d like to admit.

BUT, as someone whose color treated their hair for years + years, I’ve been fighting: breakage, damage + dull / dry hair for forever. You too? Well I’m glad you’re here because soft + silky hair here you come!



How To Help Damaged Hair from Color Treatment

Love a good highlight + balayage with a blow out at the end? I knew it because, me too! Those few days after you leave the salon are the best. You feel like you’ve just stepped out of a L’Oreal commercial – your hair blowing in the wind + all. You’re getting complimented left + right on how soft, silky + shiny your hair is.

You’re ridin’ high on cloud nine… But then you take a shower. You get those preciously dyed locks wet. UTOH – Now it’s your turn to tame the beast. You’ve gotta style it, detangle it + care for it so that it doesn’t look like a frizzy mess + like you just stuck your finger in an electrical socket.

COCONUT OIL: Deep Condition Overnight


Seriously, this is a must do if you want to keep your hair from breaking off of your freakin’ head. You NEED to put coconut oil in your hair overnight.

I use a fractionated coconut oil! Basically, a fractionated coconut oil is just coconut oil in liquid form. You can use regular coconut oil + melt it down yourself. But, I find that this is just way easier and less messy.

So, what I’ll do is take a shower. Do the full shebang – shampoo, condition as always. When I get out, I’ll detangle my hair using a WET BRUSH (I’ll get to that later). Then, once my hair is nice and tangle free, I’ll go in with the fractionated coconut oil. Billy REALLY loves me extra when I’ve got soaked, oily hair with a super sexy shower cap on ;). I’m sure that your significant other will LOVE it too.

I’ll throw my hair up into a bun, place a shower cap on it and SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP with it on overnight. When you wake up the next morning, your hair will probably still be wet and soaked with oil. You’ll have to wash it out really well with a sudsy shampoo. I love KENDRA’s, and L’Oreal’s. Then go in as usual with your conditioner.

I try to deep condition my hair at least once a week (but, it happens about every two weeks if I’m being honest)… I know that this is super high maintenance, but it’s ESSENTIAL if you want to keep your luscious locks strong + healthy.


OKAY. This stuff. You guys… If there was only ONE haircare product that I could have for the rest of my life it would be this.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Olaplex is an IN SALON treatment that you can get done when you’re bleaching your hair. Not sure on the specific / nitty gritty details, but basically… It helps to restore the proteins in your hair. It’s done WHILE your hair is being color-processed. Essentially, it makes it so that the bleach doesn’t strip away all of the good stuff when lightening those locks.

While the actual treatment is an in-salon add on, the brand makes their “Olaplex No. 3” which is a leave in product. You’re “supposed” to wash it out after every use, but I just leave it in. I basically use it as a detangler – it helps the brush glide through your hair so that you’re not splitting + breaking your ends.

ANYWAYS, this stuff is HEAVENLY. It has quite literally transformed my hair – it’s kept the integrity of the strands + my hair doesn’t break as easily as it used to. Hands down my best kept hair care secret.

I apply it after I shower + rub it all over my hair from root to tip. Some people are weird about not touching the roots of their hair with product because of potential build up, but I haven’t noticed any funkiness when using this stuff.

You CAN wash it out – if you’re someone that has more fine // greasy hair – but I just keep mine in + let it dry with it in.


Do you have one? Are you on board? If you’re not… You NEED to be! I promise, you chickas will thank me later.

The wet brush has legitimately turned detangling my hair from my absolute most hated beauty routine step to a no-thought process. When I was younger I would refuse to brush my hair. It took SO much time (had a lot more hair back then, it was like down to my waist) and was so painful. Seriously, I’d have like dreadlocks at the bottom of my hair because of how knotty + tangled it was.

But, the wet brush’s bristles are specifically designed to not pull on your hair too much. Your hair glides through the bristles + if it runs into something it can’t detangle… It glides over them softly so that you can go back through + work out the tangle.

I’m a PSYCHO as you all know + have three of them: a square black one, a round pink one + a mini purple one that’s travel sized (perfect for those on-the-go moments!)

Whenever I see girls brushing out their hair with those brushes with the thick bristles + I hear their hair ripping I CRINGE. You know exactly what sound I’m talking about – the brush sounds like a zipper zipping.

Yes, color treating your hair can cause damage // breakage. But, so can the brush that you’re using. If you’re not taking your brushing habits and tools as seriously as you are the products that you use – you’ve gotta rethink that and get on board!


I’ve talked about this stuff a few months ago + I’m already ready to purchase my second bottle. But, this lavender oil blend is heavenly.

I use it for everything from my cuticles to my stretch marks + as a leave in spot treatment for my hair.

It comes with a convenient spray bottle so you can spray it directly onto your hair or smooth it over in your palms. When I’m doing a deep conditioning treatment, I like to use this stuff to add a ‘lil somethin’ else! I spray it directly onto the hair + leave it on overnight with the coconut oil.

You can even use a small amount as a leave-in treatment with the Olaplex. I find that this helps to maintain the frizziness of my hair + helps to restore the integrity of my waves. I know, an Asian with wavy hair? Such an anomaly but seriously, my hair is wavy!

If you guys color treat your hair, you’ve ABSOLUTELY gotta check these products out. They have single handedly transformed my hair.

Let me know if you try out these products + love ‘em!

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