Flagstaff, Arizona: Crystals, Bearizona + Breathtaking Views | Roadtrip Series Part 2

Welcome back to my road trip series!

So, where did I leave off?

We left Sedona to hop back onto 87A, the most beautiful + scenic highway in Arizona. It took us down a winding road from the deserts of Sedona, to a brief stint in the grasslands + eventually up into the high altitudes of the lush forest filled with evergreens, spruce and pine.

Our next destination was Flagstaff, Arizona… Known as “Flag” to the locals. This was my favorite part of the road trip (besides the Grand Canyon, of course). Flagstaff is stunning. It’s a smaller city, more-so like a town, tucked within the mountains and evergreens of Arizona. Yes, EVERGREENS! Flagstaff gets cold during the summers – there’s tons of snowfall each winter season. Nearby in this part of Arizona, there’s ski and snowboarding resorts. Can you believe that?!


The best way that I could describe Flagstaff is if Northern Liberties, Fishtown and Los Angeles had a baby! LOL. It’s trendy, vibey + just all around has good energy, everywhere. I actually bought my first crystals here + I couldn’t be more in love with them.

At the conference that Billy and I attended in Phoenix, I met Miss USA 2018. She told me all about her meditation corner in her home, filled with crystals, candles + personalized items. I was so inspired by this + just happened to stumble across the most amazing crystal shop in Flagstaff.


We grabbed lunch in Flagstaff, fueled our bodies with salads + tacos. The interesting thing that I noticed while out in Arizona was the availability of healthy options! There are salad places and juice shacks on every corner. You can make everything vegan // gluten free.


On the way to the Grand Canyon, we stopped at the coolest zoo ever, Bearizona. This drive through wildlife attraction was truly one of a kind. While I know that there’s a lot of controversy around animals in captivity, this specific “zoo” was a lot more humane than most. The animals have open sprawling spaces, similar to a safari, as opposed to being caged up.


While in the bear exhibit, a black bear jumped onto our rental care! He put his paws up onto the back of our car + tried to take the back windshield wiper off, LOL! See below for pictures of him in the rearview.


But, Flagstaff and its surrounding towns / cities are just breathtaking. The people are wonderful – so helpful, kind + sweet. The food is amazing, so many healthy options with juice bars and smoothie shacks everywhere (see that’s where the L.A portion comes in).

If you every have a chance to stop in Flagstaff or stay the night, DO IT! If it we’re anywhere near the East Coast, I would move there in a heartbeat!

Tomorrow, I’ll take you guys to the GRAND CANYON! Woohoo.

Hope that you enjoyed this post!

Talk tomorrow,




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