Sedona, Arizona: Hiking, Devils Bridge + Car Rides | Road Trip Part 1

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We’re currently on the plane, returning back to the City of Sisterly Love. Our time in Arizona was one for the books. I thought that our Puerto Rico trip earlier this year was an adventure of a lifetime… Until this trip!

The last two days of this trip (Sunday + Monday) we’re spent on a total adventure. On Sunday, we embarked on a road trip starting at 4:30 AM.

We woke up at the crack of dawn to pick up a rental car from the Phoenix airport. From there, we jetted off to Sedona, Arizona for a hike on the way to our final destination, the Grand Canyon. The ride from Phoenix to Sedona is just under two hours. Little did we know that this would be the most beautiful car ride ever.

87A, the major highway that connects Phoenix to it’s sister cities, is hands down the most beautiful highway that I’ve ever seen.

Thought that Arizona was just a land of deserts? I did to… But boy was I wrong! Just a quick ride to the northern part of the state, you’ll encounter sprawling prairie land and lush forests (that get tons of snow in the winter) with evergreens. As we kept driving, the temperature was dropping. It went from 90 degrees in Phoenix, to 70’s in Sedona and Flagstaff. When we got to the Grand Canyon, the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees with slight winds.


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On the ride from Phoenix to Sedona, we left the desert land and started to enter low lying grasslands. We went from huge Saguaro cacti to lush green fields and wildflowers. Once we got to Sedona, we we’re blown away by the red rocks and sand. Billy and I kept describing the ground as “moon dust”, it was seriously the most cushiony dirt, ever. Making it the perfect ground to hike on!

Pro Tip: There’s no better way to get to know the land than to ask the locals. Everytime that we jumped into an Uber or sat down for a meal, we’d get conversating with the locals. It was actually the bartender at the taco place that wrote down all of the points that we should see on the road trip to the Grand Canyon.


So, we arrived to Sedona just after sunrise. The air was still crisp + cool (a temperature drop to around 70 degrees). We started down a red dirt trail that would eventually lead us to our of shoot point where we could start hiking up Devil’s Bridge.

The entire hike took just under two hours from start to finish. It was intense and steep uphill climb, but the end destination was beyond worth it.


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Devil’s Bridge in Sedona is a hiking trail up the side of a mountain filled with flagstone steps + beautiful views. Once you get to the top, you make your way across to the “bridge” which is actually a huge rock that had the middle of it decayed away.

It was hands down the most beautiful hike that I have ever been on. The blue skies, red rock + green plants made it beyond breathtaking.

All this week, I’ll be featuring the different stops that we made on our way to our final destination in the Grand Canyon.

Hopefully you enjoy these photos + stories, if you ever head out to Sedona you absolutely have to check out Devil’s Bridge. You won’t regret it!

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