Why I Love Plants + Why You Should Too


Welcome to this new space on the City of Sisterly Love: a place for plant parents + plant enthusiasts alike to come nerd out involving all things plants. Here I’ll be sharing tips on plant care (watering / sunlight tricks), sharing my new plant babies, filling you in on the best places to get plants in Philly + showing you how I like to style our apartment with nature’s best.

What better way to kick off this new category than while on a flight home from Phoenix, the motherland of desert dwelling plants (succulents / cacti).

I’m by no means a plant expert! I’m just a girl who’s got a really big freakin’ obsession with plants + learning along the way. I’ve killed (and resurrected) many plants in my time turning my “brown thumb” into a “green thumb”. But, just like plants teach us… Growth takes time!


Sounds interesting, but what’s this all about?

This space is for anyone: the novice, the expert + everyone in between. It’s a place for everyone to connect over our plant obsession and share tips / tricks with each other. Stop by, come teach me a thing or two about plants + pick up some knowledge along the way. Take a little, leave a little, you know?

So, in honor of this inaugural plant post I wanted to share my story as to why I’m so freakin’ obsessed with plants.

In college, I worked for a florist (Fabufloras, for any of my Philly friends looking for an amazing city florist. Kerry is the absolute best in the city / burbs). Anyways, I discovered how beautiful nature can be. A picture is nice, but there’s nothing quite like the ‘real thing’. Flowers, plants, they’re all equally as beautiful to me!

Since moving into our apartment, I wanted to find a way to “bring the outdoors in”. Philly is beautiful but, just like New York (and really any major city), it’s a concrete jungle. The skyline is breathtaking, but I missed having trees / grass / gardens all around me. SO, I brought the outdoors in!

I slowly started to collect plants every Sunday when we’d grocery shop at Whole Foods (they’ve got a great selection, btw). One by one, I fell more in love with being a plant parent. I loved how it made our apartment feel – homey, relaxing, nurturing. Since we’re gone during the weeks at work + get home at night barely in time for dinner… Having a pup or pet right now isn’t in the cards. So, I get to care for + look after my plants! Such a cool feeling. 

Plants are seriously like pets. You have to feed them, water them, care for them, change their pots, fertilize them + even talk to them… HAHA!

So, now our apartment looks like a jungle, LOL! There are plants, soil, leaves + pots everywhere. But I wouldn’t have it any other way (Billy could probably do with less plants but I keep telling him that when we move, we’ll have more space so they aren’t all clustered up together).

I hope that you’re all as excited as I am about this space! I can’t wait to share, teach each other + connect over plants!

Talk tomorrow!



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  1. September 26, 2018 / 8:42 am

    I love this idea! I love plants but don’t have too much knowledge so I’m excited to learn more! Yay for plant parents ??


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