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Good Morning my friends!

By the time that you’re reading this it’s the morning. However, it’s currently 9:00 PM MST (12:00 AM EST) and my body is still adjusting to this time difference. We just got back to our hotel room after grabbing a quick bite to eat after the evening session at High Performance Academy.

For those of you who haven’t seen my prior posts about why we’re here in Phoenix, Billy and I are attending a four day conference on personal development taught by one of the leading coaches of our time, Brendon Burchard. This is actually the second HPA that we’ve attended – our last one was back in March when we were out here in Phoenix too.

Jeeze, we have already learned so much this time. I know that personal development isn’t for everyone. But, for those of you who are committed to: showing up, doing the work + growing… This post is for you!

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Anyways, I felt beyond compelled to pick up my laptop + write. About everything that I learned. About what I feel like I’m being called to share and teach and connect through.

Today, the framework that Burchard led us through was the “What Stops Us” framework. He helped us to identify the limitations that we place upon ourselves that stop us from achieving the goals that we’ve set out to reach.

One of the patterns that we can fall into when setting out after our goals is: Bad Thinking. So, what exactly does that mean? Well, it means that we’re living in: imitation, fear + dread. The principle that stuck out to me the most was imitation.

He emphasized that when we’re living in imitation, it prevents us from feeling authentically ourselves. When we imitate others (or the thoughts / actions of others) it steals our personal freedom away from us.


Again, what is the jailer of freedom? Conformity. Being or acting in a way that is separate or incongruent with who we truly are and who we truly see ourselves as. This can leave us feeling: insincere, drained, misaligned. It’s easy to be ourselves, but hard to be someone else. Am I right?

Billy and I we’re both saying at dinner that this is the number one takeaway from today’s lessons. We live in the age of fast information. Anything (literally, anything) that we want to learn can be accessed within seconds. Want to find out how to be a better public speaker? Go to YouTube. Looking for the top thought leaders on success? Just a quick Google search away.

While this is a blessing in so many ways, as the internet + fast information has equipped and enabled us all beyond our wildest imaginations. It’s also led to imitation, copy cats, less uniqueness.

The good news is that we don’t need to conform or imitate. Burchard taught us that whenever we’re entering a new space or challenge, he says to stop and ask ourselves one simple question.

“How would I uniquely do this?”

Such an amazing question, right? Instead of hopping on YouTube or Instagram or LinkedIn to see how someone captured, wrote or spoke about something. Stop yourself + focus on your own lane.

Block out the external noise. Put the blinders on + get clear on your own special, unique way of delivering your gifts to the world.

What about you + your background, knowledge, skills, talents or opinions does the world need a lil more of?

Breakthroughs lead to individualization. I’ll say it again louder for the people in the back, breakthroughs lead to individualization. When we have an “aha” moment + shed a light on something that speaks to us, it’s our duty to show up + share it.

I hope that this lesson on how to beat the imitation game helps you in some capacity.

I truly believe that you’re all unique, special + gifted. There’s a reason that you’re here, reading this.

Talk tomorrow,




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