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By the time that you guys are reading this, we’re either en-route to Arizona or already there (depending on what time this post meets your eyeballs, lol).

I thought that I’d explain a little bit more in-depth as to why we’re going to Phoenix in the first place. I briefly touched on this a few days ago, but wanted to elaborate more and give you guys some context + a peek into a very important aspect of my life (personal development / mindset).

So here’s the back story… Back in March, Billy and I flew out to the desert land to embark on a four day personal development journey, together.

We attended what we thought was going to be a four day conference where we’d leave feeling happy + motivated. Little did we know that after those four days, we’d be leaving with a completely new perspective on life + a transformative experience. What is this experience you may ask? Well it’s Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy – an immersive, 9 hour a day / 4 day experience.

I cried, I laughed, I shared, I learned, I grew, I reflected.

I delved into intimate, personal stories with complete strangers + never felt more supported or empowered in my life.

The list goes on + on… Needless to say, it was enough of an amazing experience for us to book another go ’round at the same conference 6 months later.

I intend on acknowledging + facing somethings that I’ve been struggling with such as: time management, finding my voice, dealing with perfectionism, struggling with bouts of self doubt, acknowledging my social anxiety, learning to speak up.

I’m going to continue to blog during our time at the conference, but I intend on being really present during our time there. I want to soak everything in + take away some life changing lessons. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing all of my learnings with you guys!

As time goes on + social media becomes a larger part of our lives each day. It’s important to remind ourselves of what really counts – not ignoring the warning signs that our bodies are signaling to us.

We live in a day in age where what we see on a screen is what we think that we get. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. You never know what someone may be dealing with “behind the screen”.

It’s important to stop scrolling through other people’s lives every now + then in place of having a check in with ourselves.

So, I can’ wait to share everything that I learn over these next four days!

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