My Favorite Travel Shoes

Happy Monday!

This week’s a short (work) week for us as we leave for Phoenix on Wednesday morning! We’ve got a 7AM flight (oof), but sometimes I enjoy early flights when we’re heading out west because that means that we get more of a full day in our destination.

We actually went to Phoenix back in March to attend the same conference that we’ll be attending this upcoming week. It’s run by someone that we look up to named Brendon Burchard – a high performance training coach. BUT, this time… One of my biggest idols // heroes, Lewis Howes, will be speaking.

WE’RE SO PUMPED! I’ll check in each day + share everything that we learned. You can also expect to see some hiking photos as we’ll have two full days to explore + hike.


Travel Shoes:


Anyways, I wanted to share my favorite travel shoes with you all: slip on sneaks.

These make it so easy to get to and from in the airport. BUT you can also easily take them off while on a long(er) flight.

You can’t beat a good pair of white sneakers – they just go with everything!

The white may scare you but don’t be fearful – these are the easiest shoes to clean. Just throw them in the wash with your whites + some bleach, they’ll come out looking brand new. For spot treatments, I love tide-to-go pens when I want to quickly remove a stain. I keep one in my purse at all times because I’m the messiest person ever.

Another secret to keeping white shoes clean is using a Magic Eraser on the rubber soles / edges of any sneaker. These things work wonders for removing mud // dirt // stains!

We’re so excited for our upcoming trip + I can’t wait to share travel photos with you guys!

Talk tomorrow,




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