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Sunday Funday!

If you saw my post yesterday, you know that we’re currently in the middle of Pennsylvania.

It’s so breathtakingly beautiful – open field, corn stalks, free roaming animals. Crazy to think that this little serene world lives just a few hours outside of the city.

Taking a weekend trip out here for Billy to ride his dirt bike as the best thing that we could have done to get some head-space from the hustle + bustle of the city.


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Yesterday we were driving back to our hotel + stumbled across this dirt path. It overlooked the Appalachian Mountains with miles + miles of cow pasture and open fields.


I had Billy pull over so that I could capture the beauty of this place.


When you live in the “Concrete Jungle” aka any major city, you can forget how beautiful life can truly be.

The peace + quiet can do wonders for your headspace.

I feel relaxed, rejuvenated + ready for our next trip to Phoenix. We leave on Wednesday morning + don’t return until late Monday night.


Outfit Deets


Hope that you guys are having a fun + relaxing weekend.

Talk tomorrow,





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