Gratitude Is The Attitude


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S U N D A Y!

One of my favorite days of the week – I just got done meal prepping for tomorrow. I made turkey burgers with lettuce buns with asparagus + zucchini on the side.

I wanted to share three things that I’m feeling extra grateful for today. Practicing gratitude has completely transformed my life. It helps me stop + “smell the roses”. Enjoying the little things in life goes a long way.

So, here it is! ??

  • ONE – YOU ALL! ?
    I seriously mean that, I’m grateful beyond words to be able to connect with each + every one of you. Day in + day out. You inspire me, motivate me, push me, ground me. It’s crazy how we’ve cultivated this ‘lil community of SISTERS on the “interwebs” I couldn’t be more grateful for you all – you show me what it means to truly connect.


    More-so self-forgivenes: for times when I’m not so kind to my mind + body. For times when I forget to drink enough water or eat the right veggies. For the consecutive weeks that I miss the gym. Moments when I catch myself being so hard headed or stuck in my ways. For times when I forget that the most important person to speak kindly to is ourselves. But, at the end of the day. I’m grateful for my health. In mind, body + spirit – our health is our essence. Without it, we are nothing!


  • THREE – BILLY! ?
    He knows how to make any situation — and rainy weekend — so much better. On Saturday night we got Pumpkin ice cream cones + stopped into a tiny little chocolate shop in Old City called Shane Confectionery.We learned how to make fresh hot cocoa from scratch. Today, we decided to not let the rainy day get the best of us so we went to the bowling alley and played two quick games. Each of us won one game! LOL, I guess that’s called #playingfair. But, I’m grateful for how he can turn any situation into a positive – It’s one of his best traits! ?


I hope that you all take a second + reflect on what you can be grateful for! There’s so much good around us.

Talk tomorrow!



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