How To Style Culottes


Perfect Culottes


Happy Friday babes… Short week, huh?

Today I’m going to show you how to style Culottes. This fun, trendy pant is the perfect addition to your closet.

You know that post-grad feeling of, “Oh crap, does this mean I need to start buying ugly corporate clothing?!”


Culotte’s are the perfect “from work to play” wardrobe piece. You can easily put them on in the morning for work + step out of the office at night and into your favorite restaurant for: date night, wine night, etc.

BUT, the tricky challenge with these is figuring out what freakin’ shoe to wear with them!

Personally, I think that they look amazing with a pair of mules, perhaps your favorite silver ones (if you’re like me!) Because mules are open back, they don’t “cut your leg off” – ya know what I mean?

Don’t you hate it when a shoe doesn’t elongate your leg + it makes your legs look stubby. UGH, the worst.

So, you can pair your culottes with a pair of strappy heels or opt for a shiny, metallic mule… Your choice!

Hope that you guys enjoyed this post,

I’ll be back tomorrow!



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